Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wiggly weekend

The Wiggles was here for their celebration tour, last week.  They were here for their final shows together before 3 of the original members retired into backstage roles and hand over their legacy to young performers comes end of 2012.

AJ loves them.  We knew this is the show that must not be missed.  So, as soon as the tickets came on sale 3 months ago, we grabbed our shares to make sure we could wiggle with The (original) Wiggles one last time.

Well as luck would have it, I have also won a family pass to one of the shows from my company’s prize draw.  So as crazy as it sounds, we watched two shows, one on Saturday afternoon, then another morning show the next day.  It was indeed a wiggly weekend for us.  The biggest winner is of course my little man seeing his favourite tv figures come to live (twice!!) although he has been to their concert before, he was just too young to even understand what was going on then.  LOL

20120915_Wiggles show 001

20120915_Wiggles show 012a

20120915_Wiggles show 013

20120915_Wiggles show 016

I was hoping AJ would be all dancing and jumping like most of the kids normally do in their concert, but boy was I wrong.  He was just plain stunned and completely star struck.  LOL  The characters from the DVDs all came to live, he probably was pretty much in shock if I may say so.  He was always confident in dealing with people/strangers but hid behind daddy when the yellow wiggle, Greg talked to him.  Well, I suppose I sort of knew that would happen knowing my kid but was in absolute denial. LOL

Anyway, he got better in the 2nd show, but still spending almost the entire show sitting on the chair with two big eyes, quietly absorbing than expressing.

20120916_Wiggle show 001

Overall, the shows were great.  It was seen as the end of an era after 21 years of entertaining the littlies.  I felt quite emotional since I have been listening to their songs and watching them for 2 years!  They have touched AJ’s live, and thus mine.  They introduced the new trio in the show too.  They are young, talented and full of energy, but still, the new faces are yet to grow on me and I would expect same goes to AJ although I believe they will do great given times.

Well, hats off to the Wiggles, so long Jeff, Greg & Murray, and all the best to the new era!

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