Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let the fingers dance!

I always knew I enjoy playing the piano but what I didn't realise was the greater fondness I have for it.  It is like a long lost love found.  The last time I really played and practice was during my first year of university.  Since then, I stopped due to other priorities and also the lack of facility.  As time went on, I felt even more reserved to lay my hands on the monochrome keys.  I had lost my confidence but never lost the dream of picking it up again, one day.  Then, year by year, that passion was somehow buried deeper and deeper although subconsciously I knew I had this dream to make true however with a faint determination.

So after dilly dallying for a good 16 years (and that’s an awfully long time!), that dream materialised.  It started with my dad showing me a good piano deal from a local Chinese newspaper, and me doing a bit of internet research to Rick getting it as my (early) birthday present.  All happened in less than 24 hours!

20121008_Piano arrived

My fingers dance again although in a rather clumsy and gawky kind of way.  I have been practising everyday and I am pleased that I am slowly getting back my grooves.  I must admit I don’t play astoundingly great like others but I love the feeling of seeing my fingers gracing the keys and the tune produced.  It is my way of expressing myself and bringing peace to my mind.  The satisfaction is beyond words.

Thank you dear for this wonderful (and best ever) birthday present.

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