Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Finding Nemo......Sydney

Well, AJ was hoping to see Nemo when we told him about our Sydney trip, so there we were, finding Nemo.

We had a long weekend getaway to enjoy some big city life.  The timing just couldn’t be any better we also escaped the ghastly weekend weather (Tekapo was snowing OMG!).  My limbs could finally see the sunlight and gain some vitamin D!

The trip was great, above my expectation.  We didn’t bring a stroller.  AJ walked long distance with us and he was being reasonable the entire time.  No playing up in the plane and was happily watching his Wiggles show munching his snacks throughout the 3.5 hour flights.  I couldn’t have asked more of him to be honest.

Auckland airport waiting for boarding

AJ was all sucked into Wiggles

We didn’t put too much down on our itinerary but taking it free and easy.  A champagne breakfast harbour cruise and a hop on/off bus day pass were all that we committed ourselves into.  We didn’t go far but in close proximity of the CBD.

We brought AJ to the Powerhouse museum all for his love of Wiggles.  This little man was overwhelmed and thrilled to see the exhibition, riding on the big red car and surrounded by all the wiggly stuff.

The champagne breakfast cruise was awesome!  What would be the best way to enjoy beautiful Sydney in the early hours than cruising with scrumptious breakfast.  Once we were all satiated, we headed to the top deck to enjoy some sea breeze.

I didn’t do much shopping.  Quite a concern if you asked me.  It seems like I have retired from the shopping scene nowadays when I travel.  I would rather enjoy sightseeing and some good food than spending time in the fitting room.  Has this got something to do with age?  I wonder.  The only haul I brought back was a souvenir that comes in the famous blue box and white ribbon.  It is a silver bangle from their Tiffany Lock Collection (^_^)

My take of Sydney?  Expensive but nice vibrant city that boasts the old and the new.  The only thing we found cheaper than in Auckland was their McD soft serve cone, at AUD 0.30 each!  You can eat till all your teeth fall off!  LOL.  The city bears a close resemblance to Auckland in my opinion, but a much bigger version.  

The Opera House was magical especially when it was illuminated at night.

As for finding Nemo, well it is found!

LOLOLOL Of course not like this.  AJ would be heartbroken. 

There was a happy ending………

See! All happy (^_^)

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Declan Isaac said...

Good training for AJ.
I didnt have guts not to bring a stroller and I am hoping that theres one for Declan's age though.