Monday, December 03, 2012

AJ turned 3!!

I couldn’t believe 3 years it has been since I was in deep pain for hours and rewarded with the joy of my life.  These 3 years have flashed through unbelievably quickly.  Now I can truly appreciate the saying “your time flies even more quickly when you have kid”.  Although I could still vividly remember the journey as a whole, I have a rather faint memory of many details.  It is like the life journey has gone all too fast for my brain, it just couldn’t keep up in storing all the pieces.

This year, we opted for an afternoon tea party at the daycare, celebrating with AJ’s classmates.  All 20+ of them.  The theme was none other than one of AJ favourite train characters Thomas the Tank Engine.  We got the loot bags ready and a beautiful yummy cake not baked by me :P

We arrived at the daycare round about 2:45pm and were looking around for AJ.  The teacher told us he was playing outside, then out of the sudden, AJ came dashing in to greet us with THIS!

He said “I am a buzzy bee!”  OMG!  Seriously, Laugh die me….wickedly cute I say!  LOL

The buzzy bee then turned into a normal boy. LOL

Cake cutting

AJ's best buddy teasing him

Yum yum Thomas!

Buddy hug...Awww......

Then we pampered AJ with his favourite McD Happy Meal for dinner. 

The presents?  He got two from us.  A bike (and a spiderman helmet) which was given to him months in advance......

......and a Chuggington track set on the day.


MisSmall said...

Time sure flies, darl! I can't believe you're a mum of a 3-year old boy already! :)

That's a mighty cute cake! I don't mind having that for my birthday too. Haha! And AJ is adorable!

Doreen said...

Indeed. I myself too can't believe my baby is now 3!! It seems just yesterday that I was feeding him in my arm.