Wednesday, May 01, 2013

One night in Nelson

We flew to Nelson to pay Rick’s uncle & auntie a visit 3 weeks ago.  It was a trip long overdue.  We took an extremely early 7am flight and arrived into the beautiful sunny Nelson.  It was crispy cold, nice and refreshing.

25 mins drive from the airport brought us to a nice and cosy house surrounded by fruit trees, garden, 4 horses, a cute dog and cows from afar.  I could feel the surge of peacefulness while we were having morning tea by the front deck.  This kind of serenity is what we city slickers do not have privilege of.

We headed down to Nelson market where I picked a pair of cute little earrings and a couple of yummy looking soaps for my bathroom.  I couldn’t rave enough of these soaps.  They look as real as cakes that you literally just want to shove it into your mouth.  I am thinking of ordering more from their website!

 My constant craving of creme brulee - sorted!

Athan was all thrilled about being a farm boy for the weekend.  He just couldn’t get enough of animals, digger and quad bike riding.  LOL

 Little man in a big boy toy

 Many rounds of quad bike ride

 City slicker turned country lady

Nelson is the birthplace of Ernest Rutherford.  There is a memorial features a statue of him as a young boy.

The site has walls covered by beautiful leaves (giant ivy?) I couldn't resist having some shots taken :P

See you again sunny Nelson!

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