Sunday, June 02, 2013


So, we bid beautiful Queenstown goodbye and heading to Christchurch on an early flight.

The purpose of this 1 night stopover was to see the city for the first time after the quake.  I really don’t know how to speak of this place without getting emotional.  Too many memories, too many things and yet an earthquake had taken away most that built the memories...forever....The once vibrant garden city is now no more.  Standing in front of the ruins lamenting with great sadness and countless sighs, I couldn’t help but only sighed.  The whole city was so seriously messed up that I couldn’t even pin point where I was.  I felt like I was in a maze, attempting to match everything up with those I imprinted in my memories but with only small success.  Sigh!

There, 185 chairs for 185 lives lost

I stood there for a good long while with great sadness

The once magnificent Christchurch Basilica

The famous landmark of Christchurch, Cathedral.  Pretty sad....

On a lighter note, a trip to Christchurch is never complete for us without a visit to my all time favourite cafe, Ancestral

Chilling out in the hotel watching cartoon with AJ

The forever cheeky monkey!

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