Sunday, June 09, 2013

From long to bob

So I got sick of my hairstyle and was looking for a change.  Took a dive in google and not much success in finding any appealing medium/long hairstyles.  I think I probably have tried them all.  I wanted something really different to refresh my look.  It’s been a while.

“Bob!” I thought.  Off I went, another dive in google.  And found a few nice ones.

So, I took the plunge…..

I love it!


Declan Isaac said...

This is the exact hair style I wanted to cut when I go back to Sg - as requested by Declan. gonna look like teenage mum!

Doreen said...

Oh with bangs too? This hairstyle is very face friendly, can go with any face shape I think. Why wanna wait till back to sg? Should cut now :)

Jeyanna said...

Really pretty! :)

Declan Isaac said...

Yep. With bangs. I prefer to go back to Sg because I have yet to find a good asian salon that I could spend 4 hours there from Hair wash , treatment, colour, cut.