Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Anniversary

17 years of companionship, 8 years of marriage, countless ups and downs.  Another milestone worth celebrating.

We ditched dinner this year for a change.  It’s been fine dining in the past 7 years, and apart from the very first one which I still vividly remember the full details, the subsequent celebrations are rather in a blur.  We needed something different.  So this year, we treated ourselves a luxury movie session at the Gold Class, Event Cinema.  We enjoyed some quiet time at the exclusive Golden Lounge prior to the movie and had our drinks/desserts delivered to our table 5 mins into the movie.  On the table were Spanish churros, tiramisu, Italian denso and golden crumble (baileys, kahlua, chocolate, oreos and cream, blended).  Yeah all the sweet and rich to keep our spirits up and high.  Laying down on the oversized lazyboy couch, munching and sipping away while enjoying some zombie fights and the debonair Brad through our 3D glasses.  Pure indulgence.  Didn’t think the Gold Class we experienced many years back in Wellington was that pleasing.  Then again, it was a different cinema.

World War Z was surprisingly better than I had expected.  There was not much plot and nothing intriguing like Inception.  HOWEVER, Brad Pitt stole the show.  I am never a crazy fan of his, and have always been neutral about him, but there is just something about him in this movie that’s very captivating.  His moves, his expressions coupled with the role that he was in may be.  All in all, it was an enjoyable night.  I certainly wouldn't mind having more of this :P

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