Saturday, September 21, 2013

My past week

I haven’t been able to update this blog as frequent as I used to be.  I am not lazy but there are other priorities.  The day I made a promise to myself to hit the sack early, to do my regular aerobics and spending time with Athan, writing blog unfortunately has become quite a task to squeeze into my daily routine.  It is health and family on top of my list, and when there is so much things to do yet so little time, there bound to be some compromises.  However, one thing for sure, this space will not be totally abandoned and it will stand true to my real life and real thoughts.

Anyway, here is a sum-up of my past week……..

A family breakfast at Vue Restaurant up on the top floor of Mercure Hotel.  That was our 2nd family brekkie there and I must say this is now my favourite place for a good hearty breakfast.  The breakfast selection was good, from traditional English cooked breakfast to Continental breakfast, with a great selection of breads and juices.  The most enjoyable is of course the million dollar view of the beautiful Auckland harbour.  What more can you ask to start the day?

The America’s Cup frenzy.   The first year I was here, Sir Peter Blake brought the Aulg Mug into NZ for the very first time in the history.  I really want to see the mug back here again.  All we need is just one more, and we are all done.  The one final win that seems so close yet so far, but we all lean with you Dean!  Go Emirates Team New Zealand!
The Mid Autumn Festival.  As usual, we didn't have like a big celebration.  It was too cold to be outside doing the lantern, moon viewing etc.  We had some mooncakes to indulge and a short indoor lantern session.  I am pleased that this time, apart from the traditional salted egg with lotus paste mooncakes, I chanced upon this Taiwanese mooncake called "綠豆凸" at this Taiwanese café we frequent.  I was first sceptical when we found out it is made of green bean paste with meat floss.  I just thought it was a weird combination but I went ahead to buy one owing to my curiosity   Lucky that I did otherwise I would have missed out on the best mooncake I have ever tasted!  And I went back to get more to quench my appetite!

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