Sunday, November 17, 2013

Walking the hobbit journey.......through Middle Earth

We finally made our journey down the Hobbiton movie set, located on a private farmland near Matamata (Police police!! Muahahaha.  Ok, you will only get this joke if you are a Malaysian and speak Hokkien.)  It was a 90 mins walking tour.  We were picked up by their bus at the Shires Rest CafĂ© and greeted by our young tour guide called Sam!  No, not the hobbit Sam.  LOL.  

A 10 mins drive into the private farmland brought us to the entrance of the Hobbiton where all the fantasies await.  We visited the famous Hobbit holes, the Mill and The Green Dragon.  Not a single hobbit sighted though.  Wonder where they were.  LOL  

There were strict rules imposed by New Line Cinema about no touching and no straying off the designated walking tracks.  I was amazed how well the whole set has been maintained even the very tiny details.  It looked exactly just like how it was in the movie or so I thought.  I felt like I have walked right into the movie. Truly amazing! 

The tour concluded with a complimentary drink for each person at The Green Dragon Inn, featured both in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and The Hobbit “An Unexpected Journey” as the meeting place for all the residents of Hobbiton.  All interior scenes were shot in studios down in Wellington, but that same interior has been recreated in this building so people can enjoy their meals/drinks the Middle-earth way.

The bar serves traditional ales, cider and non-alcoholic ginger beer, all brewed exclusively for them, no juice though.  AJ had to make do with his water bottle unfortunately.

The Inn is also available for private functions.  LOTRs or Hobbit themed wedding anyone?  It sure will make headlines!


Petite Lass said...

This is so cool! Awesome pictures! That place really seems like a "fairy tale".
By the way, get well soon! :)

Doreen said...

Hey thanks Petite Lass! Yeah, I am all good now :) Hope you are keeping well too! Always enjoy reading your travels.