Thursday, January 30, 2014

A fresh start....

Looking back 2013, there were ups and downs as we all do.  2013 was generally below par for me as a whole.  So bad it eventually took a toll on me.  Physically.  My health plummeted.  I finally experienced how emotion can be your worst nightmare, consuming your body and soul, inch by inch.  Silent killer they say.

I am still crawling my way out of this evil hole.  With much determination, I will come out of it, scarred but still whole.

You know, everything after breathing has a choice I once read.  As Rick always says, life is all about choices.  I never doubted that.  Just that with an unhealthy mind, every choice made was sending me down the black hole further.  I could no longer see the bright side.  Blinded.  Or...I chose to be blinded.

It is the last day of the lunar year.  With this post I exit 2013 leaving those that shall be left behind, and bring with me the good memories of 2013 into the Year of Horse.  A fresh start.  Yeah, I like horses.  It should be good.  It will be good.

May the Year of Horse brings you happiness, health, peace, love, luck, prosperity and all the good stuff.  Happy new year!


Petite Lass said...

It is hard to believe you were sunk into the dark hole, especially after seeing how sweet you smiled in every of your photos! Anyway, I hope 2014 and the years to come will make up for that! Have a blessed new year! :)

Doreen said...

Yeah photos can be deceiving sometimes...but I can assure you (and myself) that this is just a one-off :) And likewise, wishing you a wonderful 2014!