Sunday, May 18, 2014


Back to my second home!  LOL.  I really need to consider having a cottage there.  A hiding place to shy away from the reality and wipe my mind clean.  Seriously.

This trip was great and interesting, different from what we have had in the past.  It is amazing how much different an extra kid could make.  It was far from relaxing but definitely great feeling seeing the kids enjoying themselves.  There were certainly a lot more laughter and energetic vibes.  Despite the 5-year age gap and first time in-person meeting, the two cousins hit it off and went all out.  W I L D!  After all, they are….well…boys!  LOL.

Weather wise, we were thankful that the Mother Earth has been kind.  Although there were pours and storms nationwide leading up to our trip, we were greeted by beautiful balmy weather.  Couldn’t have asked for more really.  This year autumn has been rather mild and at times very warm comparing to last year.  The autumn hue were not at their best and the snow conned mountains were not in sight..….yet!  Nonetheless, it still took my breathe away.  Everytime.

Our cruise is here!

My very simple yet delicious lunch.... gourmet pie in steak and guinness

Taking the gondola up for our luge ride

There, all the actions!

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