Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life couldn't be any busier

There are so many things piling up and it seems I just don’t have enough time to keep up.  2 major tasks right now – Researching and planning the itinerary of my upcoming holiday, and organising AJ’s 5th birthday party.  This is a big milestone as he is starting school!

I am planning to bake for my little man’s birthday.  An unprecedented undertaking.  I don’t normally bake.  It’s just not my thing.  Once in a blue moon I may bake a banana cake to satisfy some rare craving and that’s all.  I have always engaged a professional baker in the past for AJ’s birthday but I missed out on my usual baker last year and ended up with another one.  Although the cake looked beautifully made, the taste was below par.  For the price I paid, I expected more.  Hence, my decision to bake my own.  Not that I will make the best cake but hey, you just never know!

So here I am.  A chocolate cake recipe in front of me and tonnes of fondant icing sitting in my pantry. Endless internet research, YouTube tutorials, harassing my friends for advice and many rounds of practice.  I am now stepping into an unknown terrain.  It is a make or break now.  May luck be with me.

Now that winter is over, I am very looking forward to summer.  Sun, beaches, picnic, BBQ, shorts, sandals and the carefree spirit…..miss you long time!

On a separate note, introducing my new scent…..

Happy weekend!

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