Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland - countless fun and one hiccup

Disneyland would be the highlight for my little man.  We spent 2 days and 1 night there staying in their Hollywood Hotel.

AJ was very excited as we entered the fairyland.  We saw, we played and we screamed. 


AJ was totally freaked out when he saw the life size cartoon characters walking around.  He refused to take pictures with them.  Not the cute Mickey Mouse that he adores.  Not even the Buzz Lightyear that he admires to infinity and beyond.  I was like…:”C’mon, it’s not easy to catch them like that y’know and look, there is only a very very short queue!”  He didn’t budge.  I only managed to talk him into taking a pic with chef Mickey the next morning during our breakfast with a condition he imposed – only if I take with him! 

Cartoon characters should always remain in tv.  I get it.

He enjoyed most of the rides except ONE!  The one that put him in total shock - Space Mountain.  We didn’t try this last time so had no idea how it was like.  I thought since AJ met their height requirement, the ride should be suitable for kid his age.  Yeah…should be….I THOUGHT WRONG!  There was no queue, we went straight in and a rather “aggressive” roller coaster ride in an almost pitch black planetarium. While the ride slowed down coming to its end, we noticed a total silence.  As soon as Rick asked him how he was doing..he burst out crying and said…”I thought we all gonna die~~~”  Awwww poor thing….I felt terribly bad and guilty.

Luckily our next ride Astro Blasters put him out of misery…like TOTALLY!  He loved it so much that he went 20+ round.  In and out, in and out…..and thankfully there was no queue! He was happy as a bird again!

Astro Blasters

How he scored 409500 on his first ride was beyond me

We took a break from the rides, lining up for the famous afternoon parade.  There was only a small crowd we literally sitting right on the side.  Up-close and personal.

We then continued our adventure into the Toy Story land.  My favourite of all.  Loved the design and of course the toy story soundtrack.  My beloved Rex was looking utterly smart, and he talked!  So cute that I wished I could bring him home!  LOL

The overall impression with Disneyland this time is a pleasant one.  Balmy good weather, not at all crowded, virtually no queue and people were behaving themselves.  I felt like I really stepped into a fairyland.  A feeling that was totally masked by frustrations and annoyances in my previous visit.

The Paint the Night parade and the Disney in the Stars fireworks display were magical.  Glad we stayed put.

The next morning….Astro Blasters again! Countless round…*faint*

Asked if my little man wants to come here again…and his reply: “Yes,  when I am twentyyyyyy!”

Ok…obviously not with us…but his future gf!

Point taken.


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