Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Hong Kong trip

This is history. 

Late October it was.  We came back and got suffocated by many birthday parties and other engagements.  Finally got all the photos sorted!


It was our short 5-day getaway.  Hectic but fruitful.  The itinerary was more or less the same as what we had 7 years back, but with a 4.5 year old in tow, we didn’t go as physical.  I was very pleased AJ managed to go on with us everyday from morning till late at night without a single complaint apart from the first day where he was obviously a little jetlag.  Reasonable and understandable.  He has once again proved that he is travel worthy.

We stayed 4 nights at Hotel Icon and later moved to Disneyland Hollywood resort hotel for one night to allow us to enjoy the night parade and fireworks we missed last time.  I will save our Disneyland experience for another post.

I was very pleased with Hotel Icon.  Thanks to my bff who recommended it.  Top notch service, friendly staff, convenient location and a modern chic room with harbour view.  The room comes with COMPLIMENTARY mini bar (oh yes, replenished every day!) and a smart phone with 3G and local/international call all for free! The smart phone proved extremely useful in contacting my Hong Kong based friends for meet up.  The hotel also provides free shuttle service to/from Sun Arcade at Tsim Sha Tsui which we fully utilised.  With the protest going on while we were there, some of the bus routes were affected.  Hotel Icon was considerate and kind to provide free private ferry transfer between Tsim Sha Tsui to Hong Kong Island, Wan Chai ferry terminal. I truly can’t fault the service and how thoughtful they are towards their guests.  We had dinner buffet on our second day at their restaurant The Market and was utterly impressed.  There were caviar, crayfish, Foie Gras and endless selection of luxurious scrumptious dishes to dig as much as your stomach could hold.  Too bad we didn’t have time to try out their high tea at The Green as I heard it is good too.

We did the typical tourist exercises – Ocean park, Disneyland, 24-hour hop-on-hop-off bus around Hong Kong and the much coveted Aqua Luna evening harbour ride.  And of course, meeting my bff and my long lost uni besty.

The hop-on-hop-off bus was a good way to go around especially when you have a little one in tow.  Due to the protest activities, half of the Hong Kong Island route was cancelled but they compensated us with their night tour which wasn’t part of our package.  All was good.  Although we didn’t have enough time to hop off at every stop, we definitely had a good look around at our full comfort.  Would have gone for their 48-hour package had we not have time constraint.

What my man did behind my back at The Peak!  That's so very sweet of him!  I didn't see the real thing only the photo evidence.  LOL

A ride on Aqua Luna was definitely my most coveted agenda.  The 45-minute evening harbour cruise was absolutely pleasing.  I lazed on the lounge bed with a drink on one hand drowning myself in the stunning Hong Kong skyline.  Totally in awe.

Our visit to Ocean Park was rather brief.  Most of their rides are not for AJ's age.  

And of course, a trip to Hong Kong would never be complete without a visit (multiple visits!) to their dessert cafes.

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