Friday, January 16, 2015

What we did last weekend

We have been blessed with stunning weather for a few weeks now.  Let’s hope it continues.

I did some painting job on the wooden planter.  Am currently working on this little project to beautify my deck with some colourful blooms.

We had so much fun at the Long bay beach.  The kids went wild.  Athan and his partner in crime were busy being heroes, fighting the sea monsters (aka Waves).  So I was told.  And when they were losing power, they headed back to the beach to recharge.  Ultraman of some sort?  LOL I am amazed by their imagination.  

After that, they turned their focus to flying fox.  Wheeeeeee!

And dinner was not till 9pm!

That was last Saturday.

Sunday morning, we went strawberries picking.  Arriving at the farm around 9:30am, were so proud thinking we were gonna have the farm to ourselves.  Hahahaha how na├»ve!  There were already people started picking!  Talking about being an early bird.  Anyway, no fun was spoilt.  I love fresh-picked strawberries.  They taste just so much better, juicier and sweeter than those from the supermarket.

And we are planning to return for more strawberry fix tomorrow!

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