Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Superheroes + mini golf

AJ attended a superhero themed birthday party.  Weeks prior to the event, I asked him what superhero he would like to be.  “Ironman”!  His immediate response.  Well, Ironman he became on the day!  The party had a little surprise.  We were all superhero-struck when two of the Avengers came marching into the house.  We were in awe.  We were only two short to a full Avengers team, Thor and Hawkeye.

We had a mini golf session one Saturday.  AJ’s first time (and mine too!) with golf.  His comment, “Golf is like hockey they both use a stick!”  LOL.  He likes hockey by the way. 

Easter is just around the corner.  We did an Easter egg hunt last year with AJ and his Declan ko ko.  They both enjoyed it.  We are planning to do it again although this time it would be AJ alone to crack the code.  No help this time from ko ko.

Happy Easter!

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