Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Last weekend

We now have extra family members living with us.  Things are a bit different now but all is good. 

In the weekend just passed, we made full use of the nice sunny weather having BBQ, picnic and fun at the beaches.  It was indeed a nice and relaxing weekend.

Underage drinking! (dark grape juice. lol)

There was however a brief episode on Sunday morning.  We noticed AJ became rather inattentive on Friday.  We had to repeat our speech multiple times and talked with louder volume.  We put that down to him being over exhausted after a long full day.  Nonetheless, his hearing condition worsen and by Sunday morning he seemed half deaf to me albeit there was no discomfort whatsoever.  To say that I was worried is an understatement.  Without further ado we took him to the A&E.  A quick look into his ears found that there was a fluid build-up in his Eustachian tube which affects the effectiveness of the eardrums, hence the partial loss of his hearing ability.  A very common condition among young kids.  He has been having running nose and chesty cough for weeks so that all makes sense.  There was no prescription needed as the fluid would clear once he is off his cold and cough.  Phew!

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