Monday, October 26, 2015

Melbourne | 5 days, 5 sights, 18 tram rides, one heck of a good time!

I couldn't believe that after 20 years living here in New Zealand, I finally made it there.  Only a mere 3+ hour flight and I had left it for 20 years albeit hearing countless of pleasant comments about this city!  But hey, better be late than never!

We took it slow, had it easy and it definitely tops my list of best trips!  AJ was really enjoying himself, taking in every corner in sight and he could hardly contain his excitement. LOL.

"Ahhhhh let me have a rest..."

Poor doggie!

St. Kilda

Eureka Tower

The highest vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere.  How could we miss?  If we can't be standing on top of the world, at least we want to be on top of the Southern Hemisphere, for now!

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

This was a special request from AJ!

Melbourne Star

The only giant observation wheel in the Southern Hemisphere.  I had only been to the Singapore Flyer prior to this and regret that I didn't take the London Eye when I was there 3 years ago.  We now have the new mission to one day ride them all!  

We took the sunset ride and it was certainly the best time.  The panorama view was surreal.

Auckland, can we have one too?

The Lego enthusiast was in awe when he saw this giant Melbourne Star Lego

The Food

We were less adventurous this time.  We stumbled on a few eating places and decided to stick to them the whole trip to try as many dishes we could.  This is how much we loved their food.  LOL.

We were particularly fond of this 古早味台湾刈包 (Taiwanese Style Pork Belly Burger).  It was sensational!

D House Cafe was AJ's favourite all because they have got the lychee drinks that he loves

The dessert heaven!

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