Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to the South....

My life here in NZ has been a big roundabout.  Auckland was the very first place in NZ I set foot in.  I moved from Auckland-Dunedin-Christchurch-Wellington and back to Auckland 6 years ago.  It was for good...or so I thought.  Who would have known...I am now returning south again! 


Life has been quite a roller coaster past 12 months.  There were many changes, both planned and unforeseen.  A tough ride it was.  I was emotionally and physically challenged.  The dust still yet to settle as we "speak".  Tonnes of things to sort out and organised.  It is a big move after-all and what more with a little baby in toll.  It's funny.  The last time we moved from Wellington to Auckland, AJ was 9 months old.  And 6 years later, we are moving with Arwen being about the same age as AJ then.  I can't help but to think if it's coincidence or we just like this kind of excitement.  A postnatal change may be? :)

People asked if I would miss the abundant yummy asian food in Auckland.  That yes, but I will miss all the friends here the most.  Genuine friends are hard to find these days, and I found them in Auckland.  For that, I am forever grateful.

Timaru is a very small town.  50K population may be? It is a lifestyle change that we have never attempted before it is nerves testing.  But we only live once, if not now then when?

Right now my time are spent between kids and packing.  It is frantic but we are getting there.

4 weeks to go....

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