Saturday, October 15, 2016

Third week in Timaru

We moved in!  Loving our new home.  Sunrise right at our face everyday!

We have unpacked all that we can.  We now have to wait till the additional shelves to be installed before we could unpack further.  When we bought the house,  although brand new, there were a few tweaks here and there required.  One of them is the rebuilding of my walk in robe.  The walk-in robe is very small, probably less than half the size of my Auckland home and there is just no way it could house all my clothes.  So I am getting it redesign to maximize the space and hopefully can fit more.  Downsizing is still inevitable, sadly.  

This week, AJ started at the new school and he is loving it.  He comes home with a big grin from cheek to cheek everyday and always very looking forward to go to school in the morning.  As a parent, nothing beats seeing a happy child.  I really couldn't ask for more but feeling extremely thankful.

I have also enrolled Arwen into a daycare, starting in November.  Part time for now.

Things will be rolling in the coming weeks.  Curtain, shelving, walk-in robe etc will be installed.

In the meantime, a Lake Tekapo picnic tomorrow!

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