Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bird eye view of Lake Tekapo

One weekend, we decided to see Tekapo from a new angle.  Lake Tekapo is so beautiful but seeing it so many times from the same angle is just getting rather ordinary.  We needed new view.  We needed excitement.

Mt. John Observatory.  90 mins drive, one way.

We first made a stop at Lake Pukaki for the view of Mt Cook.

We have learnt that there’s a cafĂ© sitting right on top at the observatory.  Perfect luncheon destination, don’t you think?  As we arrived, all outside tables were taken except this very one, literally positioned right by the edge of a corner which offers the perfect view.  Best seat in the house I would say.  It was vacant.  I was tempted but for the sake of my children’s safety, we turned and headed inside which still offered a good view through the floor-to-ceiling glass.  Later, I grabbed my drink and sit outside.  The view, and oh the view, to say I was in awe is an understatement!

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