Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vivid Sydney

I was so enthralled by the Vivid Sydney 2 years old during my gals trip I vowed to bring my kids (especially AJ) there one day.  So we finally did this year as a 3-day long weekend getaway.  To be perfectly frank, having to see what I saw 2 years ago, this year Vivid was rather disappointing.  It was still amazing by all means but not as good as the one I had been to.  Nonetheless, it is still a great experience for AJ.  Arwen was too young to enjoy and she was already building her castle in the air while we were checking out the lights.  Oh and I should also mention that this was Arwen's first overseas trip (not counting when she was still in my tummy lol)!

Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney as our home for the weekend

Found this little Malaysian eatery and we quite liked it

Finally get to try the famous Water Melon cake and Lychee cake

HOT 'N' TROPPO from Pancakes on the Rocks and it was huge!

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