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Europe Day 7: Wien, AUSTRIA

Saturday, 23 Dec 2006

We had a whole day at leisure today so we decided to join the optional excursions to the infamous Schonbrunn Palace to appreciate the summer residence of the Hapsburg. Then we spent the whole afternoon exploring the city on our own. Later, we attended a concert in one of the city's elegant concert halls.

Early in the morning, people already busy putting out Christmas trees for sale

and these are the real things, look so much nicer than those plastic ones

Schloss Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn Palace was commissioned in the 17th century by Leopold I and extended by the Hapsburg Empress Maria Theresia. This magnificent imperial summer residence is certainly one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. We visited 44 dazzling staterooms and the impressive baroque gardens.

at the front gate

Dog is strictly prohibited

The Christmas Market at the palace

The Garden

The Gloriette at the top of the hill behind the palace

Schönbrunn Palace, as seen from the garden

Random pics

The traffic was bad during this time of the year. Everyone was rushing for their last minute Christmas shopping.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Statue of Mozart in Burggarten. The trebleclef is normally full with colourful flowers during summer/spring.

The pose struck by Mozart was created in 1896, depicts a scene from Don Giovanni

Looking from another angle

Me and Mozart, hand in hand.....hehe


The Heldenplatz is located in Front of the Hofburg and was built under the reign of Emperor Francis Joseph, as part of Kaiserforum (imperial forum), but was never completed.

The Palace Gate, which once protected the older parts of the Imperial Palace

At the background is the statue of Archduke Charles of Austria who are remembered as great military leaders

Christmas market at Maria Theresien-Platz

The monument of Maria Theresia, constructed by Kaspar Zumbusch and Karl Hasenauer in 1887. Around her on the pedestal are the four military generals Daun, Laudon, Traun and Khevenhueller.

The Christmas stalls

Wild boar burger for lunch!

Pretzel cheese bread for Rick

I luuuuuv these Christmas decors, made out of pines and other dry plants. They are soooo cute!


It is so yummy I tell you

Mozarthaus Vienna

Domgasse number 5 is the apartment the great composer, Mozart lived from 1784-1787. Although Mozart lived at a dozen different addresses in Vienna, it is the only one of Mozart’s apartments that still exists today. The apartment is now a museum where the life and works of Mozart are presented.

Shit, I looked like I had a bad hair day! The damn hat...(>.<)

The afternoon snack

The guys is so nice to give us some potatoes for free

Yummy maroni (roasted chestnuts)

Saw this gorgeous puffy Japanese Spitz, cute isn't she?

Rick and his birthday present

It was Rick's birthday the day before. Our tour director, briggette had the whole touring bus singing the birthday song to him yersterday morning. And today, an Aussie couple was so sweet to give him a birthday present, albeit belated. Now that's a very special birthday!

Yes, this is the present

It's vienna chocolate!


Mozart & Johann Strauss waltz and operetta concert at Palais Auersperg

A classical concert in Vienna is a must! Though it wasn't those grand full size orchestra, we truly enjoy every sec of it. Unfortunately, photo taking and video-ing are prohibited during the concert to avoid causing distraction to the performers. So, here are the before and after......

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