Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playing hosts

Alicia and her hubby arrived into Wellington last Friday, 2nd last stop of their 2-week honeymoon in New Zealand. I had been very looking forward to seeing her when she told me they've picked New Zealand for their honeymoon. The last time we met was almost 2 years ago!

First things first, a welcoming dinner at Genghis Khan.....

Then, we drove up to Mt Vic to catch a view of Wellington by night.

The newlyweds

The buddies

The next day, Wellington Wind Turbine hilltop, sightseeing along the bays, Waterfront, Te Papa museum and of course late lunch at Leuven!

Driving up to the wind turbine

Meridian wind turbine

with Alicia

All of us!

I particularly like this photo. 3 of us instantly posed with different hand signs at the snap

I was concentrating on a snap

Yeah, a rather meaningless and dunno what it is kinda snap. sucks! (-_-)

1 kg belgium steam mussels at Leuven!

Poke, poke!

At night, we got the newlyweds into our board game sessions and spent the whole Saturday night (also Sunday morning till 3am!!) on board gamessss! (@_@)!! It was all good fun. Alicia and her hubby ended up buying 2 board games home the next day!

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Chen said...

i wanna visit NZ liao !!

Doreen said...

come come! Make it your next destination. I meet you at the airport?