Friday, March 30, 2007

A short trip to Christchurch

I attended the EEA APEX seminar in Christchurch yesterday.

Also managed to catch up with some good old friends at 老地方

The drink I ordered, "情人果"

..with Hui

Irene, me and Hui

Christchurch has changed a lot since my last visit around 4.5 years ago. Time flies, things changed and people come and go....Being back, I was flushed with nostalgia. Christchurch, an unbelievably beautiful and peaceful place, is where I had the focal point of my life, yeah the university life that's filled with laughter and tears, assignments and exams, stresses and most important of all, true friends!

Those times have passed, we all have moved on to a better life (gee....I so sound like an old folk!), but our stone-crafted friendship stays forever....

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