Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chinese takeaway box

My lunch today, Chinese takeaway from this newly opened takeaway called "Chow Main Cube"

Mee goreng for me!

Irene's combination fried noodles

I love this little takeaway box, and believe it or not, this cute little box was one of the things that I yearned for. Previously, I could only see this kinda box in the movies. It may be weird but it seems to me that eating Chinese takeaway out of this little box is more delicious than those boring white polystyrenes. It's definitely more appealing! Whenever I saw this box in a movie, the same thoughts emerged "Where could I get Chinese takeaway with this box? I WANT TO EAT LIKE THIS TOO!!”, and it must be Chinese takeaway ok! Don't ask me why but this cube really tickles my fancy!

p/s: The lunch is sooooooo YUM!

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kyh said...

I saw those boxes on tv! and it's more environmental frenly too compared to the polystyrenes.

Doreen said...

Yeah agree! This is definitely the way to go! (^_^)