Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day trip to Manawatu - kiwi Holland

Date of travel: 29 Apr 2007, Sunday

Leaving Otari, we headed to Foxton, a town that I was very keen to visit all because of the prominent landmark there, the De Molen Windmill. It is New Zealand's only traditional style, full size operating windmill. What a gem, and I only found that out a month ago! So yeah, we can also experience a little of Holland without the expensive, long-haul flight across the world, but in just less than an hour drive from Wellington!

There is a retail shop at the entrance. They offer a range of stoneground flours, souvenirs and imported Dutch foodstuffs.

This is what you see on the 1st and 2nd floor, the wheat grinder.

We then proceeded to the deck for the demonstration of the operation and control of the sails.

The guy on the right is the demonstrator

Rick and his parents

Father in law helps setting the sails to the wind

and me too...(posing only)

The nice little Foxton!

I wasn't photographing the flower, but only to get the shot below

There is a display of mural paintings, featuring historic Foxton just a few steps from the windmill.

And of course, an afternoon tea at the Tramstation cafe.

Yummy lemon meringue pie

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L B said...

Love your cap! & Yummy!!..

c2 said...

only one windmill???.... very diff from the one we visited...... this is nicer.... that is more 'techno'.....u r the true one who snapped the photo before the painting??? i thought it is more to Rick's work...... heeeee heeeee....

Doreen said...

l b: Thanks (^_^)

c2: yeah, this one has more character than those wind turbines. Ya, that photo was taken by me NOT Rick lar. Hey, I can also photograph, not only him ler. hehehe (^_^)

Irin said...

forget abt the windmill in holland village in sg.nothing compare d to this

Doreen said...

Irin: Oh I heard abt the infamous windmill in sg. Thought it was quite a sight as well no? haven't been there though.

zewt said...

happiness is the key to life... indeed... indeed...

Doreen said...

Hi zewt, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again (^_^)

Chen said...

nice windmill..
I went to Holland once but just for a brief duration.

Liwan said...

wow...the photo of the windmill and flowers looks really professional!!

Doreen said...

Chen: Oh you've been to Holland? Nice! Lucky for some (^_^)I want to go there day...(-_-)

liwan: professional? Wah~~ thanks for the compliment neh (=^.^=). It is only one out of so many trials and errors. LOL