Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Day trip to Manawatu - Otari sunday market

Date of travel: 29 Apr 2007, Sunday

Since my in laws are here, we thought we would just have a one-day family getaway and brought them to Foxton and Palmerston North for a bit of sightseeing around Manawatu region. I have been here for 12.5 years and still yet to see the whole country. Funny how people would tend to travelling afar but hardly manage to tour the country they live in. I guess that's human nature? That the hard-to-get is always more precious and desirable.

It is about 1.5 hr drive to Palmerston North, and as we passed this Sunday market in Otari, mum was keen to check it out. So a quick stop here for a bit of "shopping"

The market was quite a character, having mostly old folks/retirees selling homemade jams, plants, arts, jewellery, old magazines and a wide variety of 2nd-hand items.

It was quite a sight although we left empty-handed.

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eve said...

Been trying to drop comments but something wrong with my server..But now i think ok liao..I like your place..so cooling...not much of sun..maybe I should think of migrating..hehe

Doreen said...

Yeah, it's getting cold now that winter is approaching. It can get quite warm duing summer too but still not as hot as in Malaysia lar. So, quick quick migrate here. Hehe

Chen said...

Wow.. u have been staying there for 12.5 years? I have a cousin staying in NZ too, but I didn't keep in touch with her.

Doreen said...

chen: yeah, time flies. Since like yesterday that I landed here for my study...