Thursday, May 10, 2007


For the past 2 weeks, we had been indulging ourselves with scrumptious, mouth-watering food. This is what we do especially when we have guests staying over. As a Chinese old saying goes "民以食為天", most of the Chinese live by that, it is certainly true in the house of Rick & Doreen. Enjoying good food is certainly the most pleasurable thing to do in life, to us anyway.

Big Thumb restaurant

Japanese Thai Restaurant

Hog's Breath


Peking House restaurant

with my mum in law

like father like son?

The family

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Chen said...

We live to eat,
not eat to live.
Hehehhe, how true :P

L B said...

*FAINTS miserably in front of my screen, looking at all that food*

may said...

this is probably the 6th or 7th blog I've hopped to that's talking about food!! must be a good week to eat! the dimsum looks good, as does the mudcake. yummmm...

Doreen said...

chen: yeah, hehehe.

l b: r u ok? Don't faint ler, wake up wake up! Hehehe

may: I guess you are probably having a feast today! haha. Enjoy your birthday May.

carcar said...

at first i thought how you bumped into my blog, ah hah....

now i know :)

thanks for dropping by mine!~

good day!

Doreen said...

carcar: Haha. Thanks for dropping by too. I enjoy reading ur blog (^_^)

Liwan said...

omg foooddddd!!!!!!!!!! *running towards fridge and pantry*

jimmychin said...

wow.. so many foods to eat..
i wan i want... fast fast da bao to me... wakkakaaaa

Doreen said...

liwan: haha..did u manage to grab some? (^_^)

jimmychin: Aiyo, too late how to da bao? All in stomach already. hehehe