Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Songs of my heart

I got tagged by Eve. Gee....I listened to lots of songs back in my teenage years, and I was the top fans of Dave Wang (王傑). I had a full collection of his albums, never missed a single one! But, somehow when I was tagged by Eve on the songs of my heart in my 18th year, I couldn't even think of one! I had to really crack my brain on it. After all, 18 is ages ago, it's ancient!

1. Go to
2. Pick the year you turned 18
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the song’s of the year
4. Write something about how the song affected you
5. Pass it on to 5 more friends

I couldn't remember if these songs came out in my 18 but they sure got me nostalgic over my late teens:

其實不想走 - 周華健 (this song came out just before I left for overseas I think, the lyric was really touching and also reflecting my mixed feeling then)

迷路 - 王傑 (I particularly love the music, it painted a beautiful picture of dawn in a country side with shed of light beaming through the trees, don't know why.)

你是如此難以忘記 - 梁朝偉 (it was a real hit when this came out, it's everywhere. We had this album playing countless time through out the days we made the lantern sculpture for the National day parade)

One sweet day - Mariah Carey & boys 2 men (Grace, a close friend of mine during my high school in Auckland always played this song in her car. This song reminds me of her and our time together)

愛相隨 - 周華健 (reminds me of my foster parents in Auckland. I listened to this song through out my stay there)

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L B said...

I am banana so I have no idea what those songs are, but even the Mariah Carey one, I still have no clue!! LOL, I think I was 18 a lot earlier than you anyway..

Doreen said...

Oh you are banana? Yellow one or green one? hehehe *just kidding*

eve said...

Hey..thanks for doing the tag..ya wor..all chinese songs nia..I oso listen to dave wang...but me being a banana oso...dunno the meaning..

Doreen said...

Eve: You're most welcome! Oh, you also banana? Wah, I feel out of place ler like that. Hehehe