Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Parliament visit

Parent in laws flew back to Kuching yesterday morning. Suddenly, the house seems a bit empty for us...I guess we need a bit of time to adjust (-_-) I got a bit homesick last night.....really wish my parents could come visit us soon but dad has his unfinished business to take care of before he could make that happen. Oh well, never mind, I'm going back next year to see them anyway. Next year......seems a loooong way to go...sigh!

Anyway, we had quite a relaxing weekend. Didn't do much of intensive sightseeing and all, but did what we do best - EAT! We visited the Parliament and joined their 1-hr guided tour inside the parliamentary complex. That was my first time too having to live here (Wellington) for 6 years. They have this 1-hr tour everyday on every hour and it's FREE (or should I say I've already paid for it? TAX!) . Still couldn't understand why I didn't do it previously.

Those politicians are no doubt working in great luxury. *envy* Just imagine, a graceful building with Sky-high ceiling, marbled wall, gothic designed interiors, elegant chandeliers, triple wide graceful stairs and beautiful ballrooms for state dinner and other state events. They even have their own library exclusive to themselves. The library as I saw is small, classy and cosy, but you know how many librarians they have? 65! My jaws almost dropped to the floor when I heard the number. 65 librarians for a library that's as small as a school library! Oh well, too many journals, books and important national documentations need to be take care of I supposed. Another highlight, the most coveted venue was the Debate Chamber where those politicians have their war of speeches. When I stepped into the chamber, disappointed as I was, it is so much smaller than what I normally see in TV!

The tour was definitely an eye-opener!

Too bad camera and video are not permitted inside (as expected). We even needed to go through security screening at the entrance (I wonder if the politicians go through all these security checks every day. Hmmm....). So here are some photos taken outside.

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kyh said...

hey nice place! very colonial... love the architecture....

L B said...

The mix of the new and the old.. and you have pretty boots. I am sure you'll miss your in laws for a little. But soon, you'll be home too before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Nice -
not you
not clothes
not boots


eve said...

Doreen , u kena TAGGED liao..See how nice I am..give u some topic to blog about...*cabut* kakakkak

Doreen said...

kyh: yeah, it is quite a remarkable architecture.

l b: Thanks! I just can't wait to go home..... (-_-)

anonymous: Oh, you like the bag too? (^_^)

eve: Me kena tagged? where? how does this work? wait, I got check out your site first!