Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anniversary celebration

We celebrated our 11 years of relationship as well as our cotton wedding anniversary at Aubergine, today. Aubergine, is a French restaurant offering superb cuisine in an intimate and stylish ambience.

Happily waiting for my entree

We had a good time. I was really impressed with their Snails entree, it's very well cooked and rich. The snails and the sauce blended really well. I thought the jasmine tea creme brulee too is superb. I love creme brulee but jasmine tea creme brulee is really one of a kind. The mains were scrumptious without a doubt. And, let me tell you, the chef behind all actually... a young asian chap! He is sure blessed with talent!

us, all full and satiated

GHOST!! (damn the flash!) (>.<)

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L B said...

Forget the food! I love your outfit! Happy Many Years Together Wishes!!!

zewt said...

the snail entree was indeed the most impressive looking eh... is it also a aphrodisac (dunno how to spell)... hah!

may said...

oh, so lovely! congratulations to you on your anniversary! may you celebrate many, many more happy ones to come.

that creme brulee looks fantastic. I so... want... to have.. a bite... yummmm!

a^ben said...

congratulations~~~ ehheeh

the food looks good wor :D

aliciai said...

Happy 2nd anniversary....... Next year celebrate together with a new "member"... PERFECT!!!!!!

Doreen said...

l b: Thank you very much! (^_^)

zewt: It is indeed....aphrodisiac? IS IT? Not sure neh.....

may: Thanks may! Go on, have a bite or two....

a^ben: Thank you ah ben!

Aliciai: Thanks buddy (^_^) Eh, how come your name spelled like that one? new "member"? Emmm...don't mind getting another puppy....hahahaha

mistipurple said...

Happy Cotton Anniversary!
you both look gorgeous! may i have your autograph? grins

irenecheong said...

happy anniversary!
snail!! donald told me "my sister had snail. is your favorite"
indeed it is. u're making me so envious :p

oh... get a puppy! is a good idea :p

Chen said...

congrats congrats congrats :)
and many many more to come :)

Doreen said...

mistipurple: Thank you and thank you. Autograph? Er..... nah there you go.... (^@^)...Hehehehe

irenecheong: Thank you! I had my first attempt on snail during my company monthly drinkie couple weeks ago. It was a cold plate, not bad. But this warm, creamy one is so much better! Singapore got any place serving good snail plate?

chen: Aaawww....very sweet of you. So many congratsssss. hehehehe. Thanks chen! (^_^)

U.Lee said...

Hello Doreen, was at Mistipurple's place as today my visiting day and saw your very nice profile pic.
Never could resist a pretty lady, so kay poh over here.
Holy Smoke! You way down in Kiwi country? And I was in England 20 minutes ago, then in Australia 10 minutes ago (another pretty lady too) and now back down under again.
You in Auckland?
Ahhh, I notice you like Southern comfort, huh?
Thats my favourite drink to the ladies I date. (old days of course).
But of course I depending on my intentions that night whether honourable or dishonourable...I don't encourage them more than 2. I guess you know what the slogan for Southern Comfort is, huh?
Infact only recently, last week I think, I did a post about dating women pros and con and advised to jaga sikit when a guy encourage you to have more than two Southern Comforts (posted up the slogan pic too).
My favourite drink is Jack Daniels...unleaded, or Glenfiddich...on the rocks or straight. Not more than 3 of course, otherwise forget what intentions I had.
You have a nice day, Doreen. UL.
Pssst, you're very pretty.

irenecheong said...

good ones? so far i think is only cafe d amigo. i tried jack's place before, but baked with garlic. not too bad, but not to my liking.

Liwan said...

oohhhhhh congratulations!!! I like your dress! And omg...those food...*droolinggg*

Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Doreen said...

u.lee: Thank you for your sweet compliment. *blushed* (=^_^=). Yeah, am in the capital city of the Kiwi land, Wellington. Yep, one of my fav drink, southern comfort but must mix with Coke otherwise too strong to gulp down. I never go beyong half a glass as I'm not very good in holding the drink. (^_^)

irenecheong: ic....may be I should try out one of those places next time I go to Sg then.

liwan: Thank you! It's a pretty old dress really, hehehe. You'll be having even more lip smacking food pretty soon eh? *envy envy*

rodrigo: sorry I don't understand your language but thanks for dropping by! (^_^)

Winn said...

hi doreen thanks for dropping by. i always see ur profile pic at misti's and this is the first time i m here. and guess wat? i think i almost finished reading ur entries..except for the euro trips which the photos took ages to load! I like ur blog it's very relaxing. can i sleep here? hehee..
nice meeting u!

eve said...

Happy want to ask u come you makan so much but still so slim geh?.. NOT FAIRRR...Huarrghhhh....ROFLOL..

mistipurple said...

i'm here to do the ostrich dance. keep me keep me... but don't eat meeeee...

Doreen said...

winn: Thanks for dropping by too and glad that you enjoy reading here. sure you can sleep here, want me to turn off the light for you? (^_^)

eve: Thanks eve! Er....I'm not slim, I am 51 kgs you know! I just hide, hide and hide away those fatty fats! hahaha

mistipurple: Oh ostrich dance!? I like I like. Good ostrich, good gal! Hehehehe