Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sail away with me.....

If I have a boat, I would sail away
away from this hectic city
away from the harsh reality of life
I would pack along my tiredness and frustrations
and drop all these burdens deep into the sea
let the sea breeze wafts away my exhaustion
only the blue I see, the clean air I breath
and the seagulls I hear
I shall, meet my dream again

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mistipurple said...

i'll sail away with you.
but don't mind me puking at the side k?

Doreen said...

Wah~~you are fast! I only posted it up like lest than 5 mins and you're here already! I shall bring with me a big bucket then. Hehehehe

a^ben said...

kekkkekekke no boat~ crocodile want kar? :P

L B said...

But, but.. come sail to Italy! Park it here, and we go for some Prosciutto and Melon! And fresh gelato!

Chen said...

can i tag along together with u? :P

Winn said...

is life hectic or is wellington hectic?

i think kl more jialat...at least nz got seagulls rite. hah

*switch off lights by myself..*:P

Doreen said...

a^ben: crocodile?! (O_O)!! RUUUNNNN!! *Doreen run like hell*

I b: Italy here I come, but will only reach there in 2 months lar. Hehehe

chen: Come come, still got space. We sail together....to...Italy!! 2 months wor, can tahan or not? hehehe

winn: Both life and wellington lar, but comparing to Singapore and KL, I guess it's nothing hectic here. Ppl actually come here to relax and refresh. I'm just spoilt. Seagulls everywhere here! Good night and sweet dream. hehehe

may said...

hectic in NZ? no way! lol! your picture looks too peaceful for it to be hectic as well. but I wouldn't mind going on a sailboat ride. jom!

eve said...

Take me along too...I dowan to see patients liao..I wan to go makan angin..got samo place anot?..

Liwan said...

I want to tag along.... :(

J@n!ce said...

I wanna sail away too....
but my baby how?????????? ;p

Doreen said...

may: NZ is indeed peaceful and I was just exaggerating coz' I had a busy and frustrating week. I am spoilt!

eve: Come come, got space for you here. We go makan angin together. hehehe

liwan: Can count you in but you sure you wanna come along? You wanna leave your cutie baby and those yummy home food? Hehehe

j@n!ce: Thanks for dropping by. wah~~your name quite hard to type neh..hehehe. Go get your two boys and bring them along, the boat is big enough to accomodate.