Friday, July 27, 2007

Marvel Heroes

Rick bought this Marvel Heroes boardgame sometime ago. It is a game about heroes solving headlines and fighting their nemesises. Not quite my cup of tea I must say. However, those beautiful tiny little figurines do tickle my fancy.

Anyway, the main point I wanted to make is, sometimes, we could get so bored, to a point that we do rather "sampat" (silly/crazy) things. Like what? THIS!




Photo editing

Rick and Doreen

Postcard of Charles Bridge in Prague

Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Fantastic 4 (F4), Magneto, Wolverine, Red Skull, Hulk, Captain America, Thor

Special thanks to Silver Surfer for the appearance of his name


On a separate note, it's Friday! Happy happy joy joy! How about some spaghetti? my shout. (^O^)

Have a good weekend everyone!


mistipurple said...

HAHAHAHAA you are sampat material also!!! knew i didn't vote wrong!
i come back later and 'read' your comic! now stealing time in the office hehe.

U.Lee said...

Hello Doreen, hey, I love this post of yours, as never heard nor seen this boardgames before.
And you and your 007 so creative, Stephen Spielberg who directing, who editing, producer.
Doreen, you are creative and imaginative.
I bet if my young days with a girl like you in our gang, Holy Smoke, I think our gang will come up with real spectacular pranks. You sure will have creative ideas, right? The last time I ever played board games was 'Snakes and ladders' and 'Ludo', wayyyy back in the 60's. But I cheated of course, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Doreen. UL.

Anonymous said...

*jiejie doreen* your cartoon characters so cute hahaha .. happy weekends!!!

Chen said...

hahaha.. u r showing your sampat-ness now.. LOL

The piggy no longer sad & "受不鸟啦" liao.. Today the piggy is smiling and laughing happily, showing teeth summore :D

Kay said...

Funny what you did with the action heros.

I can't seem to take good pictures of spaghetti I made, probably the sause I use is too much :P

L B said...

Wahliao! I think you have to come back to Malaysia for a good food orgy! Are you any good at choosing colors for the walls?

mistipurple said...

only when you are this bored again then do okay? hehe..

eastcoastlife said...

hahahaha.... I almost fell laffing at your marvel figures show! Then you have to take care of me. hehe....

Nice job. Did chen give you a Sampat award? You should get one. mwahahahaha....

Liwan said...

hahahahaha that's a good one. You guys sure love board games!!

a^ben said...

heee heee doreen also got sampat moments~ the truth of the dancing piggie is revealing itself` ahhahaha!!!

*piggy pose~*

Doreen said...

Thanks for your vote. I guess your instinct proved you right. Hehehee

Yeah, it would be really fun if I were in your generation. Playing pranks as pass-time. Hahahaha

Hello misha sweetie! Good to see you here (^_^). When you back to HK? You have a happy weekend too (^_^)

Doreen said...

Yeah, the piggy smile until like mouth big big and showing those big big teeth too. Weekend mah. If long weekend hor, even bigger mouth! Hehehehe

haha! We're just too bored. I thought spaghetti with lotsa sauce should give a better pic? May be it's just the lighting?

l b:
Food orgy? Count me in man! Choosing colours of the wall? Emm....sounds challenging! Hehehe

may said...

I'll have some of that spaghetti, thanks! how about putting on a show with those figurines for my dinnertime pleasure? ;-)

zewt said...

really that bored in NZ meh? hahahaha!

eve said...

*Burpppp* u can do the tag liao..ya ya..I tagged u oredi ..*cabuts*

Doreen said...

Oh this tag die die also must do. It would certainly light up my day! Hehehehehe

Aiyo, lucky you didn't get hurt leh, otherwise I might get sued. Hahaha! Yeah, Mistipurple did give me the "Sampat" award. kekeke

Me ok lah, some boardgames are quite good. I'm not as crazy as Rick. Hehehe

Doreen said...

Actually hor, Doreen got lots of sampat moments in real life especially at home. When I go out then pretend pretend to be lady like. Hahahaha

Wah! May so greedy leh, want both spaghetti and the show. Hehehehe.

You've no idea man! But I guess it's ok lah, at least got time to do silly things better than rushing all day long. (^_^)

Thanks for the one mil leh! I need to sit back and plan on how to use it. Hehehehe