Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Luckie taking a day off (>_<)

Update: Car fixed. It ain't $200++, but $650.40!! #$%$@#*&!!*& (>_<)!!

It's not quite my day today. My luck decided to take a day off!

First, there was something fishy about the car while we were on the our to work this morning. The car was quivering, unhealthily (is there such word?) when accelerated. We thought it was the tyres but there was no problem at all when it was going downhill without pressing the accelerator. Once we got out of the car in the parking building, there was a strong smell of electrical burnt. I was worried that the car is gonna explode you know? (too much movie I know!). Anyway, it didn't explode of course, and Rick immediately sent it off to the garage. (>_<)

Second, I burnt my toast in the office kitchen while I was trying to have a quick breakfast. It made the whole kitchen stank. How embarrassing. (>_<) (>_<)

Third, I accidentally knocked my coffee mug to a glass sitting on the bench. The glass shattered. So now I know my coffee mug is tougher! (still trying to make joke out of it, hopeless!) (>_<) (>_<) (>_<)

Fourth and hopefully last, got a call from the mechanic. Something wrong with the spark plug and coil (whatever that is!) and both needed to be replaced. Estimated cost $200+++!! That's not it! The car has been partially dismantled for the diagnosis and the spares are only available tomorrow. That means? NO CAR TO GO HOME TODAY & TO WORK TOMORROW LOH! "Suay" (unlucky) neh~~~ (>_<) (>_<) (>_<) (>_<)

We needed to take train (city train not those across jungle one ok?) home and had to walk from the train station back home. That's 30 minutes walk you know! And, have to do another trip tomorrow. I think I have done my exercise for today and also well arranged for tomorrow! Good eh! Muahahahaha! See, I am so pissed-off until siao liao.

3.5 more hours till the end of my disastrous day. Tomorrow is a new day!

Emmm..... I wonder…… if I'd be so "suay" that I'd got zapped by the mouse while surfing?? Anything is possible leh!

Anyway, y'all have a good lucky day!

P/S: Thanks Misti for the Sampat Award (3-8?) though am still trying to understand what's this award is about. If it is an award, must be good then! Thank you misti for making my day! (^o^)


Kay said...

I hope your luck is back to work it's magic :P

mistipurple said...

sampat is good sampat is life!
frankling, when dr chen awarded me, i oso called my colleague.. "oy!!! sampat is wat huh? means good or bad??"
his reply: "sot sot lor"

so, i guess it is okay to be sot sot! hahaha. makes life more interesting and bearable mah! *welcome aboard fellow sampater!*

alicia said...

hahahaa... luckily you got train as your transport.. imagine my place here... if i walk from my house now to my office.. i better dun go for takes 1 day to reach i suppose.... hahhahha.... few weeks ago.. i have my tyre "pumpchek" (this is our language).. i suspect it but i didnt go to check it, in fact i checked another 2 tyres.. see how stupid i m.. i drag my car all along til petrol station to fill up.... i still didnt notice there is a flat on my tyre until an auntie told me : 小姐,你的tayar 没有风lor..... oh my god.. baru i woke up..... hahahhaha.. how embarrasing.... luckily was at petrol station... then i dragged my car again to park at the side waiting for my dad to change it for me...... so 衰!!!!!!1

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! You sure have had your share of bad luck. Maybe should bathe with flower water, say a few words. Ha ha, just kidding.
You were very lucky in a way the car did not catch fire.
Wa, there's no buses where you live? Never mind, I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day, maybe your lottery numbers come out. UL.

eve said...

No more suay that u got ur sampat award oredi..ehhe..haiyo..sometimes things like this happen geh..ehhe..*hugs*

eastcoastlife said...

People get sick, animals get sick, your car also got sick! kekeke....
Oops... sorry.

Poor thing, have to walk 30 mins from train station to get home. Must be completely pooped out after that!

I'm also quite suay lately, so better not contaminate you. hehehe....

Liwan said...

Aiyooo it's really not your day.
Don't worry. The day's over and you'll have all the luck back.
But then again, I think it's good luck when it wasn't your mug that shattered but the glass kekeke.

And that piggie is so cute LOL (sou bu niao la wahahaha)

Doreen said...

Thank you kay! (^_^) *hugs*

oh, if it means sot sot, I can deal with it lah. It is indeed a good thing. hehehehe

wei, ah moi, you really blurred leh. Hahahaha

Hahha, ya lor! Yeah, sometimes shits happen lah, really hate it when it does! The day has gone liao, so gone the bad luck, comes the good ones. Hehehe (^_^)

no lar, eastcoastlife. You won't contaminate me. Suay+suay = good luck ler. Counter attack mah. Hehehehe

L B said...

Haha, at least you didn't trip over some silly steps too! Nevermind, with bad luck, comes good luck... just don't know when..

Chen said...

so ko lian,
so kesian...
hopefully tomorrow will be a better day loh..

p/s: btw, i like the piggy pict woh..
neh, the one with the "受不鸟啦" wording.. so cute :)

healy said...

Hi, first time here. What can I say? Poor girl! haha....

Don't worry, tomorrow is always gonna be better! :)

Doreen said...

Yeah, I guess I was lucky in a way. Emmm...flower water? hahahaha. I almost forgot about this custom. (^_^)

Doreen said...

l b:
Yep, waiting for my good luck (^_^)

Tomorrow is always a better day just like that old chinese song. The pig is indeed bely cute neh. Makes me smile everytime I look at it. hehehe

Hi Healy. Welcome and thanks for dropping by! Another Penang blogger I see...remind me of the yummy Penang laksa and the beautiful Gek Lok Si! hehehehe

may said...

that's a lot to fix the car! my uncle once commented that it's cheaper to just buy a new car than to fix an old one here, and I think he's right... lol! hope your luck is better next week.