Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tag: 8 hairstyles

Another tag, from the miss Cheesie. The tag is to post up 8 pictures of your different hairstyles. And the consequence of not answering the tag according to Cheesie, is drowning in a pot of boiling Gorgonzola fondue! Geez....she is evil! You know, when I first got the tag, I was like "sh*t, how am I suppose to complete this homework?" I'm no celebrity, nor model, and not even rich enough to have different hairstyle now and then you see. I wear the same hair almost all year round, apart from a wee bit of change that people didn't even noticed!

Then, suddenly I saw this light, and "TING"! problem solved! How? Easy, thanks to my wedding! Hahahha. Another benefit of getting married, so make sure you put that down in your little book, and quick quick go get married. Muahahahahah.

Ok, cut the craps, here are the 8 hairstyles:

1. China doll

2. Messy China doll. Hehehehe

3. Long and sleek. The hair so long can use as winter muffle or just strap somebody to death!

4. Modern Princess with messy hair.

5. Oriental elegance (Shanghai tang may be?)

6. Sweet romantic

7. Japanese youngster (that's what people said)

and, last but not least, a very classic and easy to do style...........

8. Yellowed face/黃臉婆 classic (housewife classic)

This is the hairstyle I wear everyday while cooking. Muahahahaha

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Chen said...

hou leng ah..

and LOL at the Yellowed face/黃臉婆 classic (housewife classic) :P

Chen said...

btw, i wanna tell u that u r tagged... (again!!). :P

Ringo said...

Wahahha! Every girl has her princess moments. :)

Your wedding pix are lovely. ^^


may said...

good idea to use your wedding photos, which by the way, look fantastic! I've been "cheesed" too, but I think I'll suffer the consequences and drown in boiling Gorgonzola fondue, I just don't have enough hairstyles to show off! ;-)

zewt said...

dont think that japanese look is part of your wedding pic right? nice pics anyway... now... i wonder how my future wife will look like in those hair style!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .. jiejie doreen SOSOOOOOOO pretty :)

mish will post her up SOooN ..

mistipurple said...

simply breathtakingly beautiful!

Kay said...

Wow... sweet wedding pictures and woah what happen at the end... na jk... :P

Winn said...

hahahha i like the wong min poh looks!!! i wear this hairstyle more of the time. when i m all stressout in the office i oso liddat.....hahahah.*shakes hand*
u have a nice day...cant wait for wkend !

alicia said...

hey doreen, your wong min poh look was a trendy style in Japan for once... they tie up a bun right on top of the head...... 素姑头..not bad ok... you feel cooling when it is summer, you feel stylish when it is winter... i have cut my hair short to a mushroom like when i was back from NZ... ahhahaa... now it is up to shoulder length.. like back to schooling time..... hahhahaha will change a look when it get a bit longer... may think to perm it to a barbie doll look... hiak hiak hiak...

eve said... pretty..I tak berani put up my wedding photos ler...I sendri tengok oso wan to vomit blood liao..kakakkaka...

Doreen said...

Terima kasih
Doh jeh
Kam siah

I got tagged again huh? Ok, will do it soon (^_^)

Thanks! Yeah, every gal is prettiest on their wedding day! Can start planning your dream wedding liao. Hehehe

Don't worry, I'll jump into the boiling Gorgonzola fondue to save you....

mistipurple said...

lol at winn! actually i oso liddat. the more stress i feel, the higher my 'bun' goes too at the office!
i oso am poised for a boiling fondue death.. :P

L B said...

so pretty! so beautiful! so mesmerizing! so cute! so sweet! I also want these hairstyles!!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, you look absolutely gorgeous! Wow! and Double Wow!
Beautiful pics too.
Doreen, if free, pop over, bring coffee. UL.

Doreen said...

Nah, sure not part of my wedding pics. It is just a hairstyle I cut last year. I'm sure your future wife will be very pretty and stunning, too! (^_^)

Thanks misha. You looks pretty with all the hairstyles leh. *envy* hehehe

Thanks misti. Long time no blog ler. *hint hint* hehehe

Thanks kay. Well, got sucked into the after marriage loop hole that's what happen lar. Muahahaha

Har?! you wear this hairstyle in office too? Emm...may be I should try too. Hehehehe.

Doreen said...

Har?! Didn't know that hairstyle was a hit. hehehe. You CUT YOUR HAIR? WHY WHY? Photos photos amoi!
Barbie doll look? Newly introduced hairstyle is it? Got pic to show me? I want to perm my hair too ler, but fret the perm would damage my hair...

Aiya, won't be that bad one lar. Wedding pics wor, always pretty pretty one.

You too wear this hairstyle in office? Wah, must be the "in" thing over there. Don't worry, I will save you from drowning....

l b:
Thanks! Sure you can have those hairstyles at any salon. I wonder how l b would like with those hairstyles....
*Doreen starting painting a picture of l b in the head*

Thanks uncle lee. I just popped over to your place and quickly come back coz' need to bring a bigger cup of coffee to enjoy your story....hehehe. Will run over again.

a^ben said...

hairstyle 8 is the winner~ hahahaha

Winn said...

u got tagged!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie doreen*

good morning to you!

Doreen said...

You reckon? I should have that more often then. Muahahaha!

again?! okok, do it soon (^_^)

Good afternoon misha sweetie! You enjoy your day ya.