Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yet another one, tagged by chen to answer the following questions. Here you go:

*4 Jobs I've Had In My Life:
- Part time supermarket night filler

- Part time mall parking traffic
- Part time rabbit farm cleaner
- Electrical engineer

*4 Places I've Lived :
- Miri , Sarawak
- Auckland, New Zealand
- Dunedin, New Zealand
- Christchurch , New Zealand

*4 Places I've Been On Vacation To:
- I decided to post some pics lah

*4 Places I Would Rather Be In:
- Singapore to see my parents and my nephew
- Any place in Kuching that has O-chien (Oyster fried egg)
- Hong Kong for my shopping therapy (it's coming, COMING....)
- Cinema watching Transformer or Harry Potter

* 4 Of My Favourite Food:
- O-chien (Oyster fried egg)
- All seafood
- Fried kueh teow with clams
- Crispy BBQ pork pastry (Cha Siew Sou)

* 4 Lucky Souls Tagged:
- Eve
- Mistipurple (she probably wouldn't do it, but heck I long for her post! ^_^)

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eve said...

aiyoooooooo...ok ok..must gip face one..will do it..when not so bz time la hor..hehe..fried kueh teow..hmm...yummyyyyyyyyyyy

mistipurple said...

hhahahhaa. paiseh paiseh, you are soooo cute!!! *hide behind doreen again!*

Doreen said...

Just take your time lah. very easy to do one. (^_^)

Aiks! hide behind me again? Emmm..... *Doreen quickly goes put on sunglasses and ear studs* See! Now I'm not scared liao...hold your broom tight tight behind me k?

Chen said...

rabbit farm cleaner? Wow..
something different :)

do u have still any close relatives in Sarawak? Since your parents and your nephew are in Singapore liao...

Winn said...

do u clean the farm or clean the rabbit?

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, Holy Smoke, if I was much, much younger I sure buka my Ninjalogy book send you my resume and application.
Wow! You sure look good, very stylish, ahemmm, like HongKong actress. WhoooHoo! Love your designer sunglasses. Stylo la!
Hey I too am crazy over Oh chien, see hum char kueh twow.
When we balek kampong in 2002 and first stop was Singapore, I told my sister-in-law, 'take me to the nearest oh chien, see hum char kueh teow and poh pia food court'. That was breakfast!
For lunch, banana leaf rice with fish head curry, ha ha. I love that!
I must mention this...flew in by SIA to Singapore, and thinking can buy my Lucky Strike cigarettes at Changi airport duty free on arrival, Holy Smoke, the salesgirl told me "no cigarettes for sale incoming, only outgoing".
Aiyaaa, and me down to three sticks in my packet.
Next morning we went for the oh chien breakfast, saw a small newspaper stall selling cigarettes, I pointed out a packet of Lucky Strikes, gave the man S$10.
He gave me the packet and S$1 back. I said, "x'cuse me, I gave you S$10?" He replied, "correct, cigarette cost S$9!!!
I said, "WHAT? S$9 !!???".
There were a few Singaporeans around, they laughed. Indian man asked, "where you from"? I told him, they laughed.
I have never forgotten that incident. "S$9.00 for a packet! UL.

Kay said...

I like to visit Singapore too!

may said...

you've been to Bora-Bora?! waaaaa!! *envy* that is THE place I'd love to go someday, to see and experience all the picture-postcard scenes and bask under the sun!

rabbit farm cleaner? mmmm... you're the first I know! ;-)

a^ben said...


*woahh woahh woahhhh like sakai`*

Doreen said...

Yes, still got quite a bit of relatives (dad's side) and also my hubby's family there. My parents will be moving back to Kuching in 2 months time and my bro & his family is migrating next year. So, pretty soon I will have no one in Singapore :(

I cleaned the rabbit cages to be exact. Really yucky one!

Hong Kong actress? Wah~~ uncle Lee, you're really giving me a huge hat leh! Hehehehe. I'm no where near that actually but really flattered by your compliments. Thank you! (=^_^=) *blushed*

Yeah, breakfast back there is a heaven! There are many variaties. Countless. I wish I have more than one stomach everytime I'm back. Hehehehe. You cigarettes encounter is quite a laugh, must have been embarassing for you. Hehehehe. Cigarettes here are around that price too I think. Looks like it is cheaper in where you from?

Yep, Singapore is a shopping and food heaven! Must visit!

Yeah, went there for my honeymoon. Bora Bora is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It is just like a live postcard. No wonder ppl claimed it is the most beautiful island on earth!

It is still the best holiday I've had. Must go there, but hor, save it for honeymoon if can coz' you really want to best for your honeymoon mah, ya? (^_^)

sounds like Paris is your most coveted destination. Ah ben that romantic one meh? :P Hehehehe

L B said...

Bora Bora must have been great! All those huts on the water, all that fish underneath! I wanna go too!

Doreen said...

l b:
Well, once you are done with your business in Malaysia, de-tour to Bora Bora before heading back to Italy. How's that? (^_^)