Sunday, July 01, 2007


It was raining, and is still raining……

The weather is obviously not in favour of any outdoor activity. Never mind! Life can be fun and interesting at home too. What a good Sunday for a bit of lazy cooking. No stress, no pressure and just taking it easy!

So, it’s a tiramisu affair. Thanks
L B for the easily followed recipe. I’ve got all my ingredients, bits and bobs all set. I have no Brandy, but didn’t want to forgo the liquor flavour that I like about tiramisu, so I used Southern Comfort instead.

After like 40 mins of mixing and beating and layering…..


My first ever tiramisu!


mistipurple said...

slurp off the screen..

Doreen said...

mistipurple: the tiramisu nice? some more? Hehehe

may said...

ahhhh yes, I remember making this ever-famous, ever-popular tiramisu! synchronised summore, LOL! isn't it just fab? I should buy a bottle of kahlua some day and add in a few teaspoonfuls. or baileys. mmmm... I could almost taste it...

L B said...

Whoaaa!!! Very nice!!!! Very, very nice!! Must make sumore.. I must, I must! Yours are just so inspiring. *licks screen too*

Doreen said...

may: Yeah, the ever lip smacking tiramisu. What would a dessert world be without it! Kahlua and bailey both nice!

l b: haha! Thanks to you l b! The separating egg yolk and white part is challenging. I must get that gadget you have!

Chen said...

*bring big-big bowl* :D

a^ben said...

*slice a small slice and leave it on the table*

*takes the remaining bowl away`*


Doreen said...

come come, help yourself. If not enough, I can make again. hehehe

ah ben ben is soooo greedy neh~~~want to take the whole bowl.

*Doreen chasing a^ben to get the tiramisu back*

U.Lee said...

Hello Doreen, that is a nice cake or tiramisu. I have never eaten it before, but heard and read about it. Sounds Japanese, huh? You did it very well too, can get the scent from here, ha ha.
Took a peek at your very interesting and hilarious, well thought of profile (2nd time) and noted you from Miri. I was there in 1983 and 87' on business.
By the way, you recognised your previous car from its licence plate numbers? NZ cars retain same numbers even when sold to another party?
Here in Canada the only tax you pay $65 annually is for the number plate, yours till you sell the car or maybe fung shui suey hantam lamp posts or other cars gostan into you, you get another number or personalised plates, any alphabets or numbers or champor max 8. Eg. DOREEN88.
And every plate, below the numbers has the Province's slogan, ours here in Ontario is, "Yours To Discover". Nice, huh? US too.
One of this days I must visit NZ and Crocodile Dundee's country. There visit Alice Springs way in the Outback.
Read the book (several times, saw the movie few times) 'A town like Alice' (you read it? If not read it, love story between Aussie soldier and English lady during 2nd WW in Malaya 1943).
Hey, thats a lovely portrait of you, and a smile that can make a man forget his mother's name.
You have a nice day, Doreen. UL.
ps, if younger sure send in my application, ha ha.

zewt said...

hmmm... not bad... not bad... looks yummy!

Liwan said...'s tiramisu again! I want!!!!! tell me tell me how was it? nice or not?

alicia said...

Doreen..... may i have the receipe from you ????? droolinggggggggggg

Winn said...

looks good!!

i wait at the klia u send to me ok?

*runs to hail airport limo*

mistipurple said...

*shares with ahben* keekeekee

eve said... the way , itu kalorie berapa banyak ar?..If I finished the whole bowl , how many days I should go without food? kekkekekek..

Doreen said...

Tiramisu does sound Japanese, but it is actually an italian dessert. You must try it one day, very nice!

Yes, I recognised my ex-car from the licence plate. NZ cars retain the same plate through out unless the owner decides to go for a personalise plate which cost a bomb. basic one starts from NZD500!! (O_O)!! and you can choose some nice backgrounds & coloured fonts for a few hundreds more. Haha! I've actually thought of DOREEN88 or DOREEN but NZ only allows max 6 letters and DOREEN has already been taken. sigh!

Visiting NZ is a must! It is a very beautiful and peaceful place especially South Island and the scenery is spectacular, enough to kill! My parents have been to many countries, NZ is still their favourite, believe or not! I would luv to visit Canada one day. The autumn scenery there is really to die for. (^_^)

Thanks. How about a piece for you? Hehehe

It has a slight sense of Southern Comfort, taste quite nice actually. Rick likes it! I'll try kahlua or bailey next time. You should try it if you like tiramisu a lot. Very easy to make and save $$ too.

Doreen said...

No need to drool no more, you would be able to eat it soon. Hehehe

wait, you didn't ask my flight details wor. no more flight to KL today. hehehe

give me back the bowl! share with others also mah.
*Doreen chasing both Ah Ben and mistipurple*

Calorie? What's that? never heard of it ler. Hehehehe. See more patients then should be ok lar since most your patients so funny one.