Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The day she was born.....6 years ago.....

My daughter, Vell is a border collie
(Yes, she bears my surname in her birth cert!)

She is also my bestfriend

She has black & white puffy coat

and a pair of gentle eyes

She is smart, she can differentiate left and right hands
She takes less than an hour to learn a trick,
and a few practices to remember it, for life!

As soon as the backyard's light is on,
she would wait in the kennel for you to lock her up.
She knows it's her bedtime

She is cunning too,
she does all the tricks without your command,
one by one, just for the treat in your hand

She is extremely friendly


......and always full of life

She gets greedy when it comes to toys

To her, play is always first, food comes second

She hates noises, try laughing out loud and she barks till dawn
That's also why she hates lawn mower

She is a real attention seeker
She would go around to each person for a pat on her head, round and round....

She eats almost anything, from bone to fruits

That is my sweet, lovely Vell.......

There is this one day of the 365 she gets her BIG BIG dinner

The day that she is truly spoilt.......

VELL, you know it's your birthday don't you?



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L B said...

Vell sounds so sweet! I love well-looked after dogs..

Doreen said...

l b:
Thank you l b. I have a wonderful birthday dinner.

woof woof

From Vell

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Vell
searching for birthday cake

let's sing birthday song..

♪ ♫ happy hirthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to Vell Kuok
Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu ♪ ♫

a^ben said...

so the cutes~!!!!

happy bday~~~

*do the pig pose*

may said...

she is so beautiful! ahhhh, you make me want to run up to her and give her a BBIIIGGG HUG...

Happy Birthday, Vell! Woof Woof!

eve said...

Happy bday Vell...mummy got give u cake anot?..

Doreen said...

Thank you chen for the birthday song. so sweet.....but no cake wor....

woof woof

From Vell

Thanks ben ben. Your piggy pose so cute ler....

*Vell try to mimic the piggy pose too*

woof woof

From Vell

Ah~~~i know, the sweet lady may may. Hug hug....

*Vell jumps onto may and starts licking her face*

woof woof

From Vell

Thanks eve! I got no cake ler....mummy said too sweet not good wor. I already so energetic liao....

woof woof

From Vell

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Vell!
dogs are ...better than humans! lol!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! Thats a real beautiful dog. I love dogs, and love minature Schnausers, or Doberman's.
Had a beautiful Doberman guard dog long ago, named 'Smokey Joe'...when the phone rings he'll go pick it up. Ha ha.
Needless to say my house was one of the very few that was not disturbed by breakins.
I love watching how these dogs like yours herd sheep in NZ. Really facinating.
Give him a pat for me, Doreen.
You have a nice day. UL.

c2 said...

hey, happy Birthday Veil. have you taken your bath????? Doreen, should shower her before giving her the big meal......make her soothing when taking the meal...... she is dammn cute and heavy i guess....

Doreen said...

I think dogs are better than humans because they're smart yet simple minded. There are good human too, just that you have to find the simple minded one. Just simple & sincere and that's nice!

wah~~your dog picks up the phone? very smart! Doberman...emmm....a dog with pride.

Yeah, she had her warm bubble bath last week liao. So Vell is now smelling Johnson Baby...

Winn said...

vell happy belated bday!!! your mommy feeds u so much for bday a? my dog lucas dont even know when is his bday:P

doreen u have one gentle cute and intelligent looking dog.

Doreen said...

Thanks sweetie winn! I had a wonderful birthday....mummy told me lucas is cute...May I play with him?

Woof woof
From Vell

Hey Winn, your lucas is gorgeous too, like a snow white. I so wanna hug him and cuddle cuddle...hehehe

From Doreen

Liwan said...

awwww...she's beautiful!!!

Doreen said...

Thanks liwan! (^_^) Your baby at home is very cute too. You must be having good time with her (or him)now that you can see her everyday eh?

Cheesie said...

Happy belated birthday Vell.
*pops cheesy treats*

Kay said...

wow... a sweet pup you got there!

Doreen said...

Thanks cheesie (^_^)

woof woof
from Vell

Thanks, I'm not if she still considered a pup but she sure acts like one. Hehehehe (^_^)

Anonymous said...

jiejie Doreen

last time i have a pup .. same colour as Vell .. he is a Shetland Sheepdog .. same color .. exzactly the same :)

if you want .. you can view his photos here :)http://siechoo.blogspot.com/2007/03/check-out-my-slide-show_27.html

Doreen said...

Hey misha sweetie! What a pleasure to have you here! Wah~~that's a very cute dog you got there. Vell looked exactly like him when she was little. hehehehe