Monday, July 09, 2007

Zoom zoom zoom

It's been aeons since I last drove. I rarely drive nowadays ever since I sold my car. Rick usually drives, not that I like to be driven around but I eschew driving those big know, those SUV or 4WD types. The car so bulky how to drive? It is hard to get control of it and it is so difficult to park especially when the parking lot is crazily small. After all the sweats and tears, the car is parked beautifully. Then I would start worrying about those cars parking alongside would dent the car with their doors/bumper.

The size is not helping at all when you're at one of those narrow yet winding road going uphill or downhill (which there are many in Wellington). I feel like I could easily fall off the cliff. May be I am not adventurous enough, or a real wuss, or even, a pathetically suck driver, whatever, I'm just not into it! However, I must give credit to the space it gives, really good when we have guests around. So, Rick who loves driving this kinda car gets to do the honour most of the time, for now, till I have my own cute little car one day. Yeah, one day when it is financially justifiable! (^_^)

Anyway, Rick is away on business trip today, so I had to put myself behind the steering willy-nilly.

On a different note, the new seven wonders of the world were named on 07/07/07. 100 million online voters participated in the selection process. Here are the winners:

Chichén Itzá, Mexico
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
The Great Wall, China
The Roman Colloseum, Italy
The Taj Mahal, India

The Great Wall of China, testament of our Chinese history is in. Cool isn't it?

The new 7 wonders of nature is now open for nominations and winners will be announced on 08/08/08 (gosh what a great date! Sure will have thousands of couple especially Chinese getting married that day!!). I am sure China will definitely earn a place here. I wonder, if there is any natural wonder in Malaysia or New Zealand that can be nominated....emmmm......

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Anonymous said...

good afternoon jiejie doreen :)

hugs hugs

eve said...

I dun like to drive..and esp big cars..I have a SUV..and if I can help it , I would let hubby drive while I sit at the back n zzzzz....kakakka...

a^ben said...


when wanna bring me for a spin around town? :P

Doreen said...

Hello! Good evening! no, should be good afternoon there. hehehehe *huggies*

YEAH! Give me five! Hehehehe

Come come! I bring you go "makan angin". Hehehehe

Chen said...

i dun like to drive big car too (cos hard to park :P)

Btw, u r tagged with this Charity Tag :)

mistipurple said...

hheheh. i take cab only.

Doreen said...

Oh you too? Nice to know I'm not the odd one. (^_~)V Hehehehe

Will do the tag soon (^_^)

you take cab everyday? wah~~must must be quite expensive then. No need to find car park, so i guess it's still worth it!

may said...

dang, that reminds me... I gotta take those tests to get my licence. I'm a little afraid of driving now that I haven't gone behind the wheel for 5 months... eek!

alicia said...

Taxi doesnt really practical here.... everyone drives... so luckily i m driving a medium car... agreed.. big car is really hard to drive.. i have been sweating when i park the big car.... spine chilling ler.....

eve said...

Eh I added u liao in my MSN..

Doreen said...

Don't worry. You'll be fine. I'm sure the minute you seat yourself in the driver seat, you can do all your wonders! (^_^)

Ya lor! Don't know why most guys like driving big car ler. It's their pride may be.

Thank you. thank you. Hope to chat with you soon. (^_^)