Friday, July 06, 2007

My punishment, 64 kbps

You just won’t believe it, I am surfing at the tortoise speed of 64kbps!! The message tag on my account:

You've hit your data allowance
so you're now surfing at 64 kbps

My god, how to surf like that? This is no surfing but torturing. Waiting to load one simple page already my tooth fall out. You Tube? All my teeth and hairs fall out still not a chance (ok, a bit exaggerate here, but you do get my point ya) (>__<) Arghhh!! I have to write this post on a Word document while waiting for blogger to load. Can you believe it?

This is actually my first time hitting my monthly allowance, too much You Tube! Now I am serving my sentence for that. Sigh! (-_-) It is another 7 days before the new monthly roll over. Somebody helps me to get through these 7 days please?

HELP~~~~~ (T___T)


Chen said...

Poor u :(

Donald Kuok said...

Wah..what is the quota of your broadband subscription. Lucky me, I am using unlimited one. I ever hit 3GB per month.

Winn said...

aiyak....can go starbucks?

ok ok no u tube...ask ur frens to convert the video files and save into cd for u:P .......

have a gd wkend

a^ben said...

woah!!! so kesian geh~!!!

Doreen said...

Hai....what to do. Hope the 7 days can pass in a flick of eye. sigh!

I got total 15 GB per month, 5 GB peak time and 10 GB off peak. I've used up my peak time allowance but still got 10 GB available during off peak. Off peak only starts at 2am to 10am, so I hardly use it lor.

starbucks? Good idea hor, can go there and drink like crazy to pass time, and later too much caffein cannot sleep somemore. Hahahaha Aiyo, I think by the time I ask my frens to convert the file, 7 days pass already lor. I got busy frens! kekekeke

ya lor....(-_-).... only if I could fast forward the time. hehehehe

kent said...

must be watching too much 換換愛 from you tube :P

may said...

arghhh, I know how that feels! which was why I had to buy extra GB bandwidth when I subscribed to only 600MB the very first time I hooked up here in Sydney. didn't know how much bandwidth I "ate" until that first time. waaaa! so now... 20GB, which I know I won't use up at all (and wasted money lah), but better than having slow connection!

mistipurple said...

i kena hantamed $1800 for office broadband being exceeded quota last month or so. pengsan kaw kaw. now convert to unlimited. never hit so high before. also didn't really go anywhere, still mystery but hard to dispute. so pay lor. but they gave me discount for upgrading. that helps a bit. phew.
*tahan... 7 days pass by quickly*

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! Never heard about this 'rationing' before.
I'm not tech savvy and only know some basics, this is new to me.
Gosh, sounds like you puasa time, full time 7 days. And I can imagine your agony.
I guess it might be the stuff you guess download from wherever, huh?
Me, only oldies songs or pics of cars when full moon.
Anyway, be cool, 6 days more. UL.

mistipurple said...

tic toc tic toc.. very fast very soon over your ordeal! love ya Doreen! *muacks*

Doreen said...

Wah~~$1800!! You sure no one stealing your line or not? $1800 is a lot ler, not $180 or $18.80?

Uncle lee, ya, that's what we have here. I watched a lot of Taiwanese series and shows on You Tube that's why. Haha, puasa is the perfect way to put it...and it is one hell of a long puasa I tell ya!

Doreen said...

Misti! Nice to see you again! hehehe. tic toc tic toc.....still 4 days to go....sooooo slow....(T_T)...

miss you already... *huggies*

Doreen said...

Yep, that's the main reason, episode 6 is coming up, and I can't watch till Wed... (-_-)

20 GB! wah~~you can just surf till you sick of it. Hehehehe. Yeah, I still can't understand how I could put up with 56k last time.....people's mind does change with technology

eve said...

Err..never heard of the quota thing before wor..poor u..mebbe shud change to a unlimited one?.

mistipurple said...

tic toc TIC TOC.. louder and louder already! kkakkaka

i don't think anyone stealing my bandwidth. they start charging 25cents per donno wat after a certain limit. one day my colleague didnt know and loaded something on one day only. i guess the charging spiralled out of hand after that limit exceed.

mistipurple said...

actually still a mystery after the one day loading (no overnight even). very hard to check cos they (singtel) dont keep track of each place we surf. first time happened so jialat. and normal surfing after that one day too. pay lor. :(

Doreen said...

I think this quota thing probably only in New Zealand. Thought of unlimited one, but very expensive. So, will see how I go these coming months. (^_^)

tic toc tic toc...2 more days!

That's quite a ripped off I must say. But good lar now that you're on unlimited access. Can surf till you forget who you are. Hehehehe *more huggies*

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, your puasa almost coming to an end. Poor you...
Aha! You download movies, huh? Wa, like having a small Toyota and load 20 durians in trunk, ha ha.
All I know is I have 60 GB, thats all, so far so good, but I clean house, complete wipe off whatever I suda fed up of every 3 months, then get more space.
But no movies, only oldies songs or car pics and the odd bikini pic, ha ha. UL.

Doreen said...

Yeah, almost there...1 more day to go! Hehehehe. Ya, I watched a lot of movies, mainly Taiwanese shows and tv series in You Tube. I'm addicted to it!

odd bikini pics? Emm....wonder how odd can it be?