Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flight to Hong Kong

The flight from Auckland to Hong Kong was a pleasant one. Scrumptious food, large varity of movies and a 180 degree bed for a good night sleep. 11 hours of flight didn't seem that long after-all. Thanks to Air New Zealand airpoints for the free upgrade!

browsing magazine while waiting for boarding

Air New Zealand Business Premier (aka First Class)

This is what is called travel in style, I supposed?


Rib-eye steak


I was watching Shrek The 3rd

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Liwan said...

OMG!!! that sure is travelling in style & comfort! Never thought airplane food can look that good kakaka. How did you guys get the free upgrade? Had my fair share of travel for the past few years and I was always hoping to get a free upgrade but...none whatsoever :(
Can't wait for the rest of your photos!!!

may said...

woooo!! waaaaaa!! I'm so envious, you've got a free upgrade! that looks soooo comfy, and yup, it would've certainly made your 11-hour flight much more enjoyable. *envy... envy...*

zewt said...

Doreen, you might have been asked this a million times but I will still ask you again... are you related to the Robert version of your surname?

mistipurple said...

sooo comfortable! glad you had a wonderful holiday too!

Doreen said...

I’m member of Air New Zealand frequent flyer, so I collect points every time I fly with Air New Zealand or their start alliance partners like Singapore Airlines. The accumulated points can be used to get rewards like hotel accommodation, car rental, free air ticket, free upgrade etc etc. Qantas has their own frequent flyer system too. You should go join to earn their points lar, then your first class’s seat is not very far from you liao.

I actually wished the flight was 20 hours. Hehehe.

You’re actually the first to ask me this question but I don’t know how to answer as I have no idea what’s this Robert version that you were referring to……mind elaborate a bit?

Thanks misti! *hugs* Your KL trip also very enjoyable leh. (^_^)

mistipurple said...

yes, i wish can go on longer. i miss everything there. from the hotel to the air. everything lah. even though it is a simple hotel, i love love love it. Angel got me the place. love love love her too.

J@n!ce said...

Those pic of yours really make one envy. That's the best part of the trip to be able to travel with 'style & comfort'.

How on earth so good get free upgrade. ok ok.. I know, next time must fly Air NZ :) :)

Chen said...

walao walao walao..
so syiok
so thang.. manyak enjoy lah
i jeles liao :D

really in style leh ;)

iva said...

that is sure one comfortable way to fly...
I need to collect points...

Jackson said...

wahhh!! First class comes with three course meal!!! OHHH...u r so lucky!!! i wonder why i hv a chance to take a first class flight!

a^ben said...

O M G!! SO SYIOKS!!!!!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, hey! You look good in glasses. Can't decide with better or without better, but you sure look good in both.
Now! Thats what I call soaring thru the clouds with style!
The Kiwis sure know how to treat you guys well on board.
Love that ribeye steak, can get the aroma from here. Well taken photos, Doreen.
Still got jetlag? UL.

eve said...

Adoihhh..jelesnyerr aku..I wonder when only I have the chance to go..haihs..hehe..

eve said...

Adoihhh..jelesnyerr aku..I wonder when only I have the chance to go..haihs..hehe..

eve said...

Adoihhh..jelesnyerr aku..I wonder when only I have the chance to go..haihs..hehe..

Doreen said...

You should start planning your next trip to KL then (^_^). Take me along wor…hehehhe

Ya ya ya, fly Air NZ or Qantas. But must join their frequent flyer first hor. (^_^)

It was enjoyable, but if ask me to pay full price for this hor, I don’t want lar. Still not worth it. Hehehhe

Yeah, start collecting now ! hehehe

Join the frequent flyer and start flying Air NZ! Then your first class is on the way. (^_^)

Hehehhe. The bed too comfy and the so many movies. I had dilemma between a good night sleep and watching the movies till my eyes pop out leh. Hehehe

Thank you Uncle Lee *blushed*. I still prefer without glasses though, look less geeky mah. Hehehe

Wah~~ your comment got tripled wor. Hehehehe. Aiya, if you want I’m sure you can have your chance in your next trip lah. Doctor wor. Hehehe

zewt said...

there is a very rich tycoon called robert kuok... shares the same surname with u... :)

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo... travelling in style! I like the seats.

Irenecheong said...

wah i m super envious!!!
why din NZ had 747 when don and i flew from sg to auckland years ago .. :(. we got upgraded. but still.. NOT Business Premiere.

Doreen said...

I googled this Robert Kuok, and only knew that he is Kuok Hock Nian! I didn't know he is called Robert. Hehehe. Well, no, I have nothing to do with him whatsoever. It's pure coincidence. Hehehe

The seats and the overall cabin looks very high tech hor?

What plane did you and Donald fly with? I think Air NZ has got 747 all along but they had their refurbishment 2 or 3 years back and introduced their 3 classes: Business Premier, Economy Premier and Economy Pacific.

Irenecheong said...

I cant remember leh. i only know is Air NZ. your 747 is megatop?
means with 2 levels on each plane?

Doreen said...

Yup, two storey one. All 747-400 are two storey one. Emmm...once you moved to Australia hor, should join the Qantas frequent flyer to earn points.