Friday, August 17, 2007

I am back!

Safe and sound.... I miss you, all of you.

Sorry for the long spell of silence as I was away holidaying in Hong Kong.

It wasn't quite a vacation due to the weather. I am sure Misha knows what I am talking about. The trip had the high & low, up and down, wet and more wet. I had my once a lifetime (I hope) experience of their Cyclone No.8 and it rained everyday I was there. All in all, I enjoyed Hong Kong still. People there are polite, friendly and with good manner. Hong Kong is full of charm and character, no wonder it is dubbed the Pearl of the Orient.

I will share more about the trip in my up-coming posts with lots and lots of photos! For are my little catch! Hehehehe

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U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, ahhh, you're back. And a Hong Kong holiday too. And what do I see in your beautiful pics?
Shoes, ha ha.
Yes, HK is a paradise for shopping. Bet you had a fabulous time shopping.
Wow! You experienced a cyclone, huh? Thats something can remember always.
So nice see you back again, Doreen. Keep well, UL.

Chen said...

welcome back home, Doreen :D
i miss u too

eastcoastlife said...

I miss you!!
You went shopping, eating and holidaying in Hong Kong ah!
Luckily you didn't get blown away by the cyclone! You so thin. hehehe....

I wait for more photos and posts on Hong Kong trip.

Anonymous said...

how come you did nto tell me that you are coming .. hehehe :)

mistipurple said...

doreen is backkkkkkk!!!! muacks muacks muacks!!! i was worried!! wa wa waaaaaa. (cham ah, after i come back from kl, i've turned into a sentimental slobber)

Winn said...

wohooooooo! HK! i lovee!!!! i love the fast pace life in hk i love shopping there...

oh nice shoes i love white shoes!

got eat egg tart ar?

eve said...

Welcome back...muacks muacks.. I love your shoe..wahh.umbrella oso got..kakkaka...

Liwan said...

YAYYYY!!! miss you wor!!! welcome back! *HUGZZZZ*

Anonymous said...

did u try the egg tart, polo pao and 双皮奶? Yummy stuff

iva said...

Hong Kong eh....
I would love to go for the food :P

may said...

I mischu too! and I love your loot! woot! more pictures and stories to come, yea?

a^ben said...

hahahahah! no wonder disappearing act for so long! wah! i also wanna visit hongkong larh where larh this larh that larh! :X

Doreen said...

Yeah, Hong Kong is indeed a heaven! I would love to go back but definitely not during their summer. (^_^) *hugss*

It's good to be back. Lots of blog to catch up though. Hehehhe *hugss*

The cyclone is ok lah actually. Wellington has stronger one but I guess it is more dangerous in Hong Kong since it is buildings and shop signs everywhere. *hugss*

Well, I thought I would just leave quietly mah. Hehehehe *hugss*

I'm back and I've brough half of my heart back, left half in Hong Kong. Have you manage to bring your heart back from KL liao? Hehehe *hugss*

I love white shoes too. Hehehe. Yeah, had both the normal egg tarts and the portugese ones. so yum! *hugss*

Hahaha, umbrella there cheap and better than here leh. That umbrella got UV block, can tahan strong wind and automatic somemore. Hehehhee *hugss*

Thanks. miss you too... *hugss*

I missed out on polo pao and 双皮奶. Actually I only found out about 双皮奶 from my bro last night :(. Nevermind, there is always next time! Hehehe *hugss*

Yeah, Hong Kong food very yummy. They got so many varieties! *hugss*

Yep, definitely more pics coming... *hugss*

Ah ben ben! Sorry haven't got around to drop by. Too many photos to filter. Hehehehe You must to go Hong Kong lah, you can eat, shop, play till your ka'chng keep io-ing! Hahaha *hugss*