Friday, August 24, 2007

Hong Kong Day 2: Hong Kong Island

11 Aug 2007, Saturday

Day 2. All weather warnings had been cancelled though there was still no sight of Mr.Sun. There were still occasional showers.

It was a day out in the Hong Kong Island. My original plan was to go to Disneyland but it's been put off as I was still hoping for the miracle, the weather I mean. We visited Hong Kong Convention Centre, Lan Kwai Fong, Victoria Peak, Madame Taussad’s wax museum and shopped around Causeway Bay. Didn't take much photos today too though there are still enough photos that would make you sick of me. Hehehe. We stopped taking photos when it rained and only managed to quickly snapped a few during the "rain break"

Breakfast at Macau Restaurant

Thanks Misha for introducing this place in one of her posts. The portugese egg tarts there are heavenly. So good that we went back on another day for these irresistable portugese egg tarts.

Hong Kong Convention Centre

Here, my rambling....(I only realised I have many "lor" in my speech)


As recommended by Cheesie. Many thanks to her. This place is a must must visit. The best mango desserts I've ever tasted, their mango pudding is soooo rich and they have so many variaties. I am so in love with it that I still think about it everyday. They have branches everywhere, and I had been to 3 of them through out my trip. Still not enough, it's never enough for such a crazily deliciously heavenly desserts. On my god....I want to go back there!

Madame Taussad’s Wax Museum

She is soooooo pretty!

Not my height, don't be fooled by the numbers. It's all camera tricks. I ain't that tall

Rick's favourite is this one with Leon Lai. He says the pose is not as boring......

My favourite? It has to be this one......with ANDY LAU!!





I don't know lar, I think both our poses and facial expressions very well matched. Andy was the more popular one on the night, lots of people surrounding him waiting to take picture. I was quite "pai seh" posing as people all watching while they were waiting. Hehehehe

Shopping around in the souvernir shop before leaving

The Dinner

We were so tired that we had takeaway in our room.

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iva said...

Lots of good food.
Wax ...ohh... that was interesting.
I am really hungry right now...sniff

zewt said...

how does your husband feel about u hugging beckham and andy like that.... hehehehe

a^ben said...


Winn said...

i wanna eat that egg tart lor
also that mango lor.....
i duno when will be my nx trip to hk lor
the last was there was only 2D1N:(
i havent even visited disneyland yet.
but there are a lot of places i wanna go also lor...better save money to go places i havent been lor hor? ^^i oso got a lot of lor..haha lor is FUN

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! So many photos! Eyes red (jealous)seeing you hug Andy Lau liddat! Leon looked so fake. kekeke....

I must try the Portuguese egg tarts and the milk tea when I go HK. lau how sui *drool*

Liwan said...

egg tarts!!!!!!!! and mango desert looks heavenly!!!!!!! *pout* i want to go tooo...

those wax figures don't look very real leh. Only joey yung's wax look more human. But andy lau still looks yummy! wahahaha

Doreen said...

Hong Kong offers good food, too good to miss!

Haha, he is alright with that lar. He kissed Kylie Minogue leh, even worst! hahaha

Quick quick go book ticket lor. Should be quite cheap flying from Kuching.

Chen said...

i love Portugese Egg Tarts
I'm now salivating..

I wanna go HK !!!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Totally loved the pics! And oh, the thing about Macau reminded me of the various developments in that country with regards to the gaming industry. Indeed, money is rolling there!

It sure looked like you guys had a lot of fun with the famous mannequins! Wow! Such an interesting experience! And I kid you not! :)

AnitoKid at

Doreen said...

Hahaha, winn you're sooo cute! (^_^)

Yeah, Leon quite fake. I actually wanted to kiss Andy leh but too many people so "pai seh" mah.

You know, Andy Lau actually got artificial heart implanted so can actually hear his heart beat one bor. I didn't try lah, just rushed off after the pic was taken.

mistipurple said...

doreeeeen you are soooooo cuteeeee.
i love all your lors! pretty pie you! muacks! *tries to grab one egg tart off computer screen*

Doreen said...

That was my first time trying Portugese Egg Tarts. They just taste so much better than the normal egg tarts. *Doreen also drooling*

the anitokid:
Welcome anitokid! Yeah, we had lotsa fun and we are contemplating our next trip back there. Hehehe

Doreen said...

Hahaha, my mandarin so cacat too many "lor". Hehehe *return big kiss* MUUUUAAAACKKS!!

may said...

oooh, portuguese egg tarts! I need to get me some of those to eat soon soon soon, I'm drooling now.

ermmm... maybe it's just me, or does Andy Lau look a little bit... err, cross-eyed?

Doreen said...

Cross-eyed? Now that you mentioned it, may be a little bit. It is just bad angle I think. (^_^)

Jackson said...

ok. My next destination!!!!