Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hong Kong Day 3: Disneyland

My Disneyland experience was generally enjoyable, apart from being annoyed at those tourists who behaved badly, and all of them were Chinese! They pushed, shouted and cut queues...even the kids did that, and their parents followed behind. My god! Is it just me or what? Couldn't they just behave themselves? They shoved like no tomorrow, like the Disneyland was going to vanished in the next minute like that. And I could see the staff being frustrated and annoyed. Who could blame them?

Anyway, even more photos this post! Hehehe

The MTR train so cute!

Take a peep at the inside, sooooooo cute can melt!

The Victorian style Disneyland Resort Station

Lucky the queue wasn't that long, got the tickets in 5 mins

The township

Ya, I was pissed coz' people cutting queue and shoving like hell...hmph!

It was pouring...I seriously needed a rain coat!

The rain coat so cute neh~~~~

Geezzz.....look at me....sigh!

The Pirateland

Jack Sparrow comes to life! He not only looks like the Jack Sparrow in the movie, he talks and walks like him!

The Fantasyland (My favourite!)

The Tomorrowland

The tree very cute

The Rainy Day Express Parade

They cancelled their normal parade and replaced with this Rainy Day Express parade (The rain's fault lah). It was really an express man, only had the cartoon train with some cartoon characters on it and that was it!

Not sure who they are....but very pretty!

In one of the souvernir shops

Donald Duck is always my favourite!

I was lucky to catch Donald and Daisy before we left the resort. I was the 2nd last in queue. Thought I was going to miss them initially.....

Although the rain, I was still very happy.....Doreen's remark of the day......

The Dinner
We had dinner at 仙迹岩 (Saint's Alp Teahouse), just 5 mins walk from our hotel. Their service very good, staff very friendly and food not bad too.
Hmm......all sounds good....what do I want.....?

From left (Clockwise): 紫紅樂 HK$20, 紅燒牛肉湯米 HK$36, 魚板豆腐全麥麵 HK$21

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Anonymous said...

hehehe .. so happy to hear that jiejie enjoyed yourself at disneyland :)

chinese tourists are like that .. no matter where they are :( so sad

anyway .. happy to see your pretty pretty photos and hear your sweet sweet voice even though I do nto understand (need mum to translate for me later)!

mistipurple said...

you are so sweet and cute and lovely and loving! what a great time that was despite the rain! muack wet muackies!!

a^ben said...


Like very very very fun lidat!!!

eastcoastlife said...

Jack Sparrow is so real! I should visit HK Disneyland so as to take a photo with him.

I really detest going to places with lots of Cheena tourists. They are so crude! Everything also want to go first. They really throw away our Asian faces!

Oh no! What a time to have rain! Really can dampen one's horniday mood hor! kekeke....

Winn said...

too bad it rains. but hey mickey mouse raincoat i like!!! ur video..ur interaction with the director cum camera man very 'kap'!! haha

iva said...

On days like this, i rather it not rain...
but you look like you had fun still...
makes me want to go there...

Doreen said...

Yeah, quite sad that those Chinese act like that. Hope they would change one day.

Hehehe, I translate for you:
I am very happy
I enjoyed a lot today, seen a lot and taken a lot of photos
It’s 6:10 pm
So, bye bye Disneyland……

Awww…….Misti you’re a real flatterer, make me blushed leh (=^_^=) Hehehe. *return big wet kiss* MUACKKKKKSS

Not like, it was real fun! Not tempted meh? Go book ticket liao..Hong Kong waiting for you……

Yeah, he is very real, his voice so real too.

I didn’t know Chinese are like that one actually. I had never been surrounded with so many Chinese like this time. Their behaviour is quite unfortunate, and it sort of ruin our Asian reputation also. Sigh! I really hope they would improve.

Haha, I was flipping through the rain coats hoping to get Donald Duck one, but they only got Mickey. Oh well, Mickey is cute too lah.

That camera man quite good, he knows how to make people talk. Haha!

Actually, had it not rain, there would have been more people, more pushes and more cutting queues, and I may have got more frustrated? Hehehe

Quick quick go book ticket! I feel like going back there already. Hehehe

Liwan said...

I have to agree with you on the Chinese. I've experienced those terrible behaviours countless times. They literally 'destroyed' the image of chinese people (like us). ggrrrr and i tell you, it's not the kids' doings but the parents' teachings!!! okok *breathing...counting from 1-10*

Glad you guys enjoyed yourself thoroughtly even though it rained. and aarrrggghhhhh!!!! FOODDDDD!!!!!

Chen said...

donald duck is my favourite disney character. Too bad it rained.. else the visit will be more fun :)

Doreen said...

Yeah, they are really bad I must say....dunno when they would change.

Yes, give me 5! Donald Duck is funny and cute. His voice is just hilarious! hehehe

U.Lee said...

Hello Doreen, wow, first time I see pics of HK Disneyland. Beautiful pics, Doreen. I love your Mickey Mouse rain coat and that pic with that pirate fellow, ha ha. Looks like the real guy too.
What? You sat on a merry go round? Ha ha. Bet it was fun.
Ya la, these mainland Chinese, their manners are really lacking. Even here too as new immigrants, but they kena goreng two three times by the orang putehs or our burly 6'2" cops, they learn how to have good manners fast, ha ha.
Doreen, you sure look good in those pics.
Keep well, Doreen, UL.

may said...

ooooh, I so love that cute Mickey Mouse raincoat! I'm not so much of a Donald Duck fan. more of a Pluto... ;-)

Doreen said...

Yeah, merry go round was one of my mission in Disney. I have no memory whatsoever if I had sat on one before, this probably is my first ever. Finally fullfilled my childhood dream. What a milestone! You take care ya uncle Lee.

Looks like the Mickey Mouse raincoat has gained quite a bit of popularity aye? Hehehe. Oh Pluto! He is such a darling. (^_^)