Saturday, August 04, 2007

A night in Motel

I was out last night "partying" till 2 am. Went to this bar called Motel, located within CHOW restaurant to meet Irene's friend from Christchurch, Phoebe, who is spending a weekend here.

It wasn't a real partying actually, just having fun, making new friends and chatting over some drinks in a bar. The night was probably still young for some, but I was already struggling to hold my eyes. The only thing I could think of then was my soft, cosy bed. What a sleepy head! (~_~)zzzz

Anyway, we're quite impressed with the ambience and the musics. It was an enjoyable night! Emmm.....I could see the potential of Motel being our preferred jamboree spot.

From left: Airin, Irene, Doreen, Phoebe and Mary

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may said...

oh gosh, that sounds like me -- a glass of wine at the pub and next thing you know, I'm longing for my bed... zzzz!

Chen said...

what a name.. Motel !!
proven we are not night owl :D

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! 5 pretty girls. And you? Doreen, you simply look delectably, alluringly gorgeous.
Now I know there are Angels here on earth, one wearing a light blue blouse.
Have a nice day, Doreen. UL.

eastcoastlife said...

Ooooo.... ladies' nite out! Sounds fun!

When can I go partying? *wail*

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaah jiejie Doreen ,, you are so pretty !!!!

mistipurple said...

it's fun to have er.. fun sometimes!

Winn said...

hahah hi doreen i is the back!!! love ur marvel heroes!!!! LOL!!

it's been a while since i visit the club scece too. i is the boring! young is good. i no young already sigh..:(

zewt said...

i tot what motel... bar it seems. :)

eastcoastlife said...

Motel makes people think of naughty things. ;P

Doreen said...

hahaha, I'm actually worse than you May. I was only drinking orange juice! (^_^)

Yeah, nice name but it kinda give ppl wrong impression also hor.

Doreen said...

Angels? Wah~~ thank u leh. Does that mean I'm immortal also? Hehehe

Your luncheon and shopping at ikea quite fun also leh. Hehehhe

Oh Misha, thank you! You're a real flatterer. *hugs*

Yeah, once in a while quite nice. Too often I also cannot tahan. Old liao. Hehehe

Get well soon ya. *hugs*

HELLO winn dear! *BIG BIG HUGS* Good to see you back. Hope you feeling better.

Age is just a number lah, I can feel you have a forever young heart! (^_^)

I think my title a bit misleading. Kekeke

Ya loh, emm...better be careful next time I mention that bar. kekeke

mistipurple said...

i love youuuuuuuu Doreen!!!!!

eve said...

Aisey..2am oni sap sui ler..hehe...

Doreen said...

Luv'ya tooooooo....!!

Har? 2am sap sap sui meh? I cannot tahan leh. 12 am already I want to zzzzz liao. Hehehe

mistipurple said...

miss you.

miss you. oh, i said that already.