Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The good old days

I am a devoted reader of this gentlemen u.lee. I enjoy reading his experiences, his good old days and his willingness of sharing his knowledge. I guess it's good to read something out of hands of different generation, to see things from different perspective and also to learn from their experiences. Though I am not from the baby boomer generation, I certainly think that their school days were more interesting than mine. Having to know from my dad and uncle Lee, those pranks they played, things they did for their passtime, which are far more creative than I could ever thought of. That's their generation, the baby boomer.

So what about my generation, so dubbed "gen X"? What did I do for passtime, and what pranks did I scheme? Nothing that would raise any eyebrow! Apart from those humdrum tricks that everyone else was playing that time ( e.g. hide & seek, masak masak, rubber rope, firecracker tricks etc), I didn't do anything outrageous. I was always the "mummy and daddy" gal, living under a big umbrella, well protected from those harmful "rays". I am thankful for that. The best I could remember vaguely is, my bro and I tying a grasshopper on the fireworks and flew him off to the sky. Poor grasshopper, my curiosity and thoughtlessness had cost you your precious life. I am sorry.....

My life got even more monotonous during my teenage years. It was all studying, tuitions, piano lessons, NO PRANKS. I wasn't a geek but neither was I active in much outdoor activities apart from being the object of some teases and rumours. I spent most of my time studying but never a top student. hahaha. When I wasn't studying, I wasted my time admiring idols, watching tv and talking on the phone! And, there gone my teenage years, having nothing to boast about.

Although monotonous, those are my good old days that get me here today!

Have you done anything outrageous in your school days? Glueing teacher on the chair may be? Hehehehe

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Anonymous said...

misha first .. misha first .. hahahaha .. misha runs to mummy and told her that she is the first commentor on jiejie doreen's blog!!!

Chen said...

although life is simple during those days, but we are happy :)

zewt said...

well, at least the grasshopper died with a blast! hehehehe....

i have this friend who used to catch mosquito and remove their wings... limps... all one by one...

mistipurple said...

*hold hands with misha and say wheeeee she's 1st!!!*
*now sit back on my own and say... i'm 4th* :(

may said...

I'm just as "bad"... never played any pranks that I could remember, just witnessed quite a few others being played!

Winn said...

i was the guai guai one too. never realli got punished badly in sch. and i was so so shy.. teachers always commented that i was a quiet girl...what they din know is, it's not quite the same when i m at home. hehehe...

oh i remmeber i got slapped once in primary 4. that teacher used to be my fav. i duno why he slapped me. still duno why. coz i wasnt the only one who did his work wrongly. the whole class did wrong too. but he only slapped me and me alone coz he was at my place when he fume came. i hate him now. i stil duno why chinese sch teachers have to be so strict and fierce. that explains why i m always shy in school.

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, hey, thank you for your kind thoughts. Those days no TV, no computers, so we had to invent our own entertainment, ha ha.
But I bet you had fun in your own way too, even though under an 'umbrella'? Rock and roll, the twist, Disco? You didn't climb trees? Catch spiders? You made me laugh read of you making the grasshopper into an 'astronaut' and blasting in space, ha ha.
Would love to hear about your 'old man's' pranks, ha ha. Bet he had fun too.
Hey, that you in pic? Waa, so cute la! And even more gorgeous now.
You have a nive day, Doreen. UL.

alicia said...

hey,,, we spent our days all in the Physics and Add Maths tuition remember??? so sien hor??? and yet we are not top.... i did have some fun times during small.... went catching fish with my sis at the longkang... then hide them under the basin..scared my mum discovering it... poor longkang fish.. only manage to live for a day.... the next day we prepare the funeral for them because lack of O2...... kesian.....

eve said...

Nahhh..din do much during my childhood..boring life..Those days..we were all goody goody one..where got play pranks on teachers?..hor?..

eastcoastlife said...

yalor, we were goody goody students then, trying like mad to be model student. That was the trend, nowadays, the students competing for the Worst Student award or what! So notti wan. Everyday hear lots of complaints from teachers and schools.

Teachers of today so cham, get scolded, get insulted, get bullied. haiz....

Winn said...


L B said...

The good old days... Can't seem to remember much of them, but they must have been good. You looked so sweet in that model pose..

mistipurple said...

how are you, baby? miss chu in blogland!! come back! waaaahhh..

Doreen said...

Hooray! Misha first! (^_^)

Yeah. Agree. Life is good when it's simple

Yeah, I guess that's the positive side of it. Wah~~ your friend is ruthless! Hehehehe. Poor mosquito.

4th also good bah.

May may also a guai guai student aye?

Teachers back then were really fierce! They more like abusing students rather than punishing. I almost got slapped once too in primary by my class teacher because of not doing the homework but his hand stopped just a few cm from my face. Phew! I was his favourite after all. Hahahaha

No, never climbed a tree before, and I hate spider! Hehehe. Spider is my worst nightmare! I would scream and run like hell when I see one.

Yeah, I remember those days….tuition, tuition nothing but tuition! And, I'm married to cousin of the guy we made fun of. What a small world. Wah, your longkang fish even got himself a funeral leh, not bad wor.

I knew you're one of those guai guai model students. Doctor wor, must be one of those top students one bah.

Well, I guess what goes around comes around. Teachers were vicious and harsh back then, now they get bullied by students. The change of generation. Sigh!

Thanks for checking on me. *hugssss & kisses* I was away on holiday mah. Hehehe

L B:
Model pose? Hahahaha. My mum made me do it one! Hehehe

I'm all good sweetie babe! Just back from Hong Kong. Blogland here I come, watch out! Hehehe
*hugssss & kisses*