Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christhurch PART 2: Food

It is all about foooooood today. One of the things in life that I so much adore. Although Wellington has the most restaurants/cafes per capital in the world (or so it claims), Christchurch offers nicer, cheaper and bigger portion of Asian food. There are some you just can't get in Wellington.

Hot mini donuts are what I heart the most and they are the most delicious donut I ever tasted and only available in Christchurch (from what I know). It is just a small stall located in the middle of City mall near Cashew street. The last time I had this was more than 6 years ago. These mini donuts are freshly fried while you wait (it's worth the wait trust me!) With just a dollar more, you can choose either a chocolate or caramel toppings. If you fancy whip cream, then toss out your 50 cents! I love it with caramel and whip cream! You know, the combination of both with the caramel melting on the hot is undoubtedly HEAVENLY! It is a sweet surrender! *slurp*

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Dinner at 福臨門

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Christchurch is full of Korean's restaurants and shops, it's everywhere! I've longed for Korean's food, so went to this Korean Noodle House along Riccarton Road, ate like no tomorrow. Hehehe

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may said...

oh, slurp slurp indeed! those donuts look wicked! ok, must dash off to yumcha now... ;-)

Chen said...

sinful and wicked!!
hahhahaa... i'm hungry and yet looking at all these mouth watering food..


Wennnn said...

I see Korean food... Slurpp...

Liwan said...

hhmmm...donuts...*Drool**Drool* (in homer simpson style) lol

ilovepearly said...

I never see donuts looking like that or with that sauce ontop...

mistipurple said...

must franchise it here leh. how how how? i want those donuts! i want them so badly now. you so bad leh. :P

ps. i show off my mini sequin skirt, cos i cannot find my tartan skirt. but no me wearing it. don't want to stress people up for nothing. (bad stress, not the drooling stress like your tartan skirt's effect.)

keeyit said...

Picture #2, is it a chilies fish ? Looks spicy..

Winn said...

*dancing like that pinky pig*

i m reading this entry of your at 7.19pm. dinner time. but.....only got maggi mee at home!! stomach making noise..;p

Doreen said...

Wait!!!! You forgot to take me along…..!! Hehehe

Sinful and wicked but irresistible aye? I’m sure in this world of food, it’s okay to be sinful. Hehehe

Korean food is nice hor? They are appetizing….

Hahaha! You’re just too cute Liwan! The image of Homer Simpson keep immerging in my head now…hehehe

Yeah, I haven’t came across this kind in anywhere else yet but in Christchurch. Next time if you do pop by Christchurch, must try!

Good idea hor, franchise it! But dunno if it fits Singaporean’s taste or not leh.

You have a very sexy mini Misti! But you’re not wearing it…(-_-) I’m sure the look of your sexy legs pairing with this sexy mini will be a killer! (Those “liu pi xue” kind). I want to see you in that mini!!!! Even nose bleed to death also I wanna see!!!

You’re good wor. It is chillies fish couldn’t remember the proper name liao, may be called sze chuan fish. Lots of chilli paste in there!

*dancing with winn, pinky pig style with that pinky pig smile* (Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing imagining this, I definitely would look ridiculous and hilarious dancing like that)

Maggie mee? Not cooking ar? Got put eggs, veges, fish balls etc etc? Now, I am hungry liao…..

mistipurple said...

no mooncake, grab donut also can.

eastcoastlife said...

The donuts looked yummylicious. Are they sold everywhere?

The Chinese dishes looked good too. How's the price like?

Doreen said...

Yeah, they're almost the same lah. both sweet sweet one, but donuts don't have durian flavour, and no salty egg yolk wor.

As far as I know, they're only sold in Christchurch and only in that location. Emm....may be I should go search around see if it is sold somewhere else. Hehehe

The price is approx NZ$10 - NZ$15 per dish lah, and bigger portion than anywhere else. Considered cheap liao in NZ.

L B said...

Thank God I just finished my lunch! Even so that fish is to die for, and those donuts are to KILL for!!!