Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Christhurch PART 3: The wedding

Not mine of course! Hehehe

The main reason of this Christchurch trip was not just for holiday, but with an very important assignment. To attend our friends, Irene & Kuok's wedding. It was not just important, but seriously important as we were their designated witnesses of their marriage. We felt hightly honoured by this.

It was a beautiful and sweet wedding.

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I look like "big sister" wanna talk business (if you know what I mean) Hehehe

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The church

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with Hui, also one of the bridesmaids

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After the wedding ceremony, we headed to their evening reception at Imperial Swan restaurant.

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All set to go!

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I luv attending wedding, be it the ceremony or the reception. See, me so happy! Hehehe

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Hui and I

~The end of Christchurch trip~

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Chen said...

Doreen tai kar jie
hou leng & hou yau yeng woh.. :D

Chen said...

And, Congrats to Irene & Kuok :)

L B said...

hou leng! hou leng! very leng! No pink?!!

ilovepearly said...

Thats a sweet wedding,
Like your outfit...hehehe

Wennnn said...

Very beautiful wedding... Doreen also sooo beautiful ah... lots and lots of leng luis..

Winn said...

congrats to irene and kuok! i like ur shade, this shape very 'in ' now leh:P

no throw bouquet?

Liwan said...

very very pretty wor!!!! You always have amazing photos to share! And althought i don't know the newlyweds, but still...

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!! May heaven bless you with eternal happiness (=^_^=)

alicia said...

oooiiii Doreen... u are in the middle of "gong sou" ar??? understand this or not.. if not understand i will explain thru email... ahahhaa..... hey.. ur dress is nice boh....send my wishes to kuok and irene.. though i dunno irene and know a little about kwok during boardgame.. but still so happy to see people getting married in the bridal gown... ooooooo very the 'sui' (cantik) leeee.......why in christchurch ar??? i thought they are in wellington also like you.....

Doreen said...

Hahaha! 大姐大 went "講數" Muahahaha *evil laughter*

l b:
Thank u wor l b. No pink?! My dress pinky pink leh. Hehehe

Thanks! (^_^)

Thank u lah wennnn, not that leng lui actually. Make-up one lah! Yeah, many leng luis that day, see till my eyes almost popped out. Hehehe

is it? I don't know leh, thought it was quite nice so bought it lor. My face shap very hard to buy sunglasses one. sigh!

Doreen said...

Thanks liwan! Rick likes to take photo mah so those are all his works lah. Emm.....nice wedding hor? Jason is very nice leh....*hint hint* hehehe (but you still a student hor? Then, won't be anytime soon lah. hehehe)

Oiiiii buddy! Aiya, of course I know what "gong sou" is lah, I watched a lot of those 大哥大 movies also leh. Oh, ya lor hor, you played boardgame with Kuok that time. Both their families based in Christchurch mah so wedding in Christchurch lor.

may said...

huarrrrr, that first picture oredi distracted me from the rest! LOL! congratulations to the bride and groom, if I haven't said that already.

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! Handsome groom and beautiful bride! And you look fabulous in your evening dress. Were the dresses bought in HK?

Doreen said...

hahaha! Very scary hor, like bad gal like that. Hahaha

Thanks thanks. Hehehehe. No, I got the dress here in NZ. (^_^)

keeyit said...

You looks great in the redish gaun.. Pretty !

Doreen said...

keeyit:br/>Thank u thank u! Hehehe (=^_^=)